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  1. JackBody

    Please, check my diet!

    Hello! Please rate my diet. Can I fix something? On an empty stomach 200 ml of warm water. We eat in 20-30 minutes. Potatoes (breakfast)! Skimmed milk. ❗️ Remove fried! Beef, chicken, turkey - baked, stewed without oil, boiled or grilled. Fish can be all except mackerel and herring. Red...
  2. Shrek

    Strawberries now Bananas

    Queensland police have confirmed they are investigating a new case of fruit contamination where a metal object was found inside a banana. https://www.facebook.com/7newssydney/videos/1131127523716601/UzpfSTEwODg3ODYyOTEzNjI3OTpWSzoxMTMxMTI3NTIzNzE2NjAx/ www.7plus.com.au/news
  3. A

    critiqued my diet

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height - 6 foot 2 (2) Weight 89kgs (3) Age 32 (4) Training goal - gaining muscle (5) How many times you train per week 4 to 5 6am Pre work out Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein...
  4. H

    [Article] Noob dietary help

    Hey guys I've been to the doctor I've been to the dietician etc. Im struggling at the moment with getting fat again. I was very much obese when I did my shoulder in two years and i had to stop lifting so i decided to pull some weight. Long story short i went from 140kgs down to 81. Went up to...
  5. A

    Frozen Protein Smoothies That Make Perfect Post-Workout Popsicles

    Banana Mango Just put the ingredients into a blender and purée until smooth. 1 large banana 2 cups frozen mango chunks 2 heaping scoops of unflavoured whey powder 1 tsp honey 1 cup milk 2 cups water Cinnamon and ground cardamom to taste Divide into four servings and freeze. This smoothie also...
  6. Shrek

    Post up what you are eating V2.0

    V1 here http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=8574
  7. P

    New diet??

    Morning all, Looking for a bit of advice mainly on how much I should eat. Brief background, I have lost a 18kg of weight over 12 months and have kept it off for 6 months by training for triathlons, so lots and lots of cardio, now I am wanting to get a bit of size to me. I am 173cm and 70.3kg...
  8. Nikko

    list some foods you eat every single day

    I'll go first -peanut butter -eggs -spinach -banana 3 things I eat every single day
  9. F

    any simple protein pancakes recipes?

    so I'm a pancake eating machine and I've tried a few recipes that tasted awful, any recommendations?
  10. M

    [Article] Dennis Wolf Workout And Diet

    NOTE: This is taken from musclebreak.com THE DENNIS WOLF WORKOUT Day 1 – Chest and Biceps Incline barbell bench press – 2 warm up sets, then 3×8-12 Bench press – 2×8-12 Incline flyes – 2×8-12 Cable crossovers – 1×15 Seated dumbbell curls – 2 warm up sets, then 2×10 Barbell curls – 2×10 One-arm...
  11. B

    April 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hi there, This month we’re rewarding customers who spend over $250 with a free bottle of ZMA Capsules. Worth $30, your free ZMA Capsules are a great way to reduce muscle soreness and ensure you get a great night’s sleep. But wait, don’t start shopping to hit that $250 target yet. We've got...
  12. Jungnaut

    Chocolate Banana WPI by Fuel Protein

    I got a coupla kilos of WPI from Fuel Protein, this site newest sponsor. I have Milk Chocolate, Banana, and Choc Banana. I decided to give Choc Banana a whirl first. Taste 7/10 Fuel protein's point of difference is to use 100% natural sweeteners, 100% natural colours and 100% natural...
  13. B

    February 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    If you've got a great memory, you may be thinking ‘hang on - Green Fusion has been Product of the Month before!’ and you’d be right… kinda. What’s the difference? It’s all in the flavour! We know not everyone loves that harsh ‘seaweed and pea’ taste you get when shotting our all-in-one...
  14. B

    January 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Welcome to 2016, Bulk fans! We’re back after our short Christmas break and although we’re a bit biased, we've got a massive year planned. We'll be continuing to support events around Australia, provide amazing value for money and while we don’t have release dates yet you can look forward to...
  15. B

    December 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hey there! Remember when we dropped our flat rate shipping from $12 to $7 earlier this year? Well, for December we thought we’d take it a step further and give you free shipping on orders over $250! If you need to stock up on supplements to get you through the festive season, now’s the time...
  16. A

    What is the single most nutritious thing to ad to a nutri bullet shake every morning?

    I'm talking packed full of the most minerals/victims one food could possibly have.
  17. A

    how do you meet members opposite sex

    so those that are still in the field , how do you meet members opposite sex do you do the old traditional way of at the pub/club at the supermarket at the gym? rohypnols? online?
  18. Repacked

    General food related banter

    I thought I'd move here rather than hijack the other thread. It was from Qld, from a shop called 'The Source', bulk health foods type place, and I know there is actually one at Prahran but The banana flour doesn't come up on their website so I'd say it's not a core product but one that is...
  19. S

    Critique my diet.

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height - 183cm (2) Weight - 101 to 103 (depends when I weigh myself) (3) Age - 36 (4) Training goal - Reduce fat (5) How many times you train per week - 3 weight sessions, 3 runs. (6)...

    New products / Coming Soon / Weekly Deal on PRE and POST

    Hi Ausbb'ers. Since the last post on here we've been working away to deliver some new products and new sizes for existing products. What's New New 1kg Amino Acid Bag Sizes (Heavily Discounted) - Creapure Creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. Plant based protein...