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New member
For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information...
(1) Height - 183cm
(2) Weight - 101 to 103 (depends when I weigh myself)
(3) Age - 36
(4) Training goal - Reduce fat
(5) How many times you train per week - 3 weight sessions, 3 runs.
(6) Approximate serving size of food (this would help greatly)

I started the year by doing the beginners program on here and also taking the advice from an article from PTC on fat loss and this is my current diet.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (4)
Snack: Banana + Protein Shake w/ water
Lunch: Tuna/Salmon salad with cottage cheese
Snack: Apple + Protein Shake w/water
Dinner: Steak/Chicken/Lamb etc with a bunch of vegetables, broccoli, carrot, peas topped with cottage cheese.
Before bed: Protein shake + Milk

I lift at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays so have started to add some pasta for dinner (dinner is pre workout) and have recently started to eat oats in the mornings which had made me feel better training wise. I sit at a desk all day and tried using a fitbit to get a take on how active I am and I barely get through 2800 cals a day if I don't go for a run.

I'm not sure if just eating the same thing everyday is the way to go or need to adjust depending on what I am doing? Sorry, not really upto speed with this diet thing. I've lost a couple of kilos so far but have been stuck around the 101kg to 103kg for a month now. Started at 106kg.

Thanks for your help.
[MENTION=12594]Snoochies[/MENTION]; have you worked out what your TDEE is? ie, maintenance calories. Then reduce 200-400kcal off that daily and monitor your progress that way.

Sign up to myfitnesspal or similar and log everything that you eat so you can achieve the above with some degree of accuracy. Set your macros to P: 30, C: 50, F: 20 to retain muscle (as long as you keep training) and to sustain satiety.

The above food descriptions sound nice as long as you like to eat that everyday, not because you think you have to.

And p.s what the flipping heck I thought Snoochies is a sheila's name.. lol.
if you have had the same schedule for the last month exercise wise and actually eaten the same foods everyday and you are now plateauing in weight loss then you need to drop some cals. Carbs would be my first choice normally. You are also most likely lacking in some healthy fats, consider some nuts, olive oil avocado etc but be wary of portion size because of caloric density.