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  1. Stiff 2G

    Carbohydrates, are they necessary?

    When you train first thing in the morning, carb loading the night before is a necessity imo.
  2. A

    critiqued my diet

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height - 6 foot 2 (2) Weight 89kgs (3) Age 32 (4) Training goal - gaining muscle (5) How many times you train per week 4 to 5 6am Pre work out Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein...
  3. H

    [Article] Noob dietary help

    Hey guys I've been to the doctor I've been to the dietician etc. Im struggling at the moment with getting fat again. I was very much obese when I did my shoulder in two years and i had to stop lifting so i decided to pull some weight. Long story short i went from 140kgs down to 81. Went up to...
  4. S

    Fuck me Nick

    Have you guys changed the formula for your WPC Vanilla Bulk Nutrients; ? Just filled less than half of my BN shaker with water then added 50 gram of Vanilla WPC. Opened the top and the froth was over flowing. More than half of the Shaker is froth. Added my Oats ( Big Mick; ) and now theres a...
  5. S

    Oats - good or bad source of carbs?

    @Big Mick; reckons Oats are Shit, just horse feed he likes to say and he won't touch em. Are Oats a good or bad source of carbs?
  6. B

    October 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    We only launched them a short time ago, but the response to AM & PM Burner has been great. The one two punch working wonders on those shredding for comp season (not to mention the customers that realise summer is just around the corner)! So for all of October you're able to score yourself one...
  7. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Five Foods You Always Have Around

    What are the five most important foods always in your fridge/pantry? The ones you ALWAYS have to have
  8. Chrisso

    ON Gold Standard Whey CTF

    BRAND/FLAVOUR : Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey / Caramel Toffee Fudge SERVING SIZE/PROTEIN CONTEND: 32gram/24gram. (75% Protein by weight.) CARBOHYDRATE PER SERVE : 3 grams FAT : 1 gram CALORIES : 120. SMELL :Open the tub and i was blessed with the most pleasant smelling protein...
  9. A

    What's your go-to breakfast before hitting the gym?

    What's your go-to breakfast before hitting the gym?
  10. B

    July 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    This month all orders over $250 will receive a free 120 capsule bottle of Creatine Nitrate worth $25! Primarily used before heavy lifting, Creatine Nitrate combines the proven effectiveness of creatine with the increased blood flow to muscles that nitrate provides. Our Creatine Nitrate...
  11. S

    Critique my diet.

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height - 183cm (2) Weight - 101 to 103 (depends when I weigh myself) (3) Age - 36 (4) Training goal - Reduce fat (5) How many times you train per week - 3 weight sessions, 3 runs. (6)...

    New Product - True Oats & Whey - 28g+ Protein 20g Carbs

    Latest addition to the TP range. Available in Natural and Chocolate. Great value meal replacement. Buy it now online; Buy Oats and Whey | True Protein
  13. J

    Rolled oats - how do you make them taste good?

    -Without using milk? any tips on having them so that they don't taste like cardboard?
  14. B

    What to look for in cereal?

    Hey all just bit confused on what to look for in cereal. I know high sugar ones are bad but what else? all bran? wheat pix? Looking for oats alternative. thanks
  15. L

    Best Powdered oats? Bulk Nutrients vs Bulk Powders?

    Just as the title says? Looking for good oats I can chuck straight into a shaker cup to shake and drink.
  16. Swervyn-Ervyn


    How do you eat em? Toasted, straight from the pack, or frozen?
  17. chocchillimango

    [Article] prOATein!

    Hey everyone (and especially @jzpowahz), I'd heard rumours about this but found out today that there is a new protein supplement/food ingredient made from oats that will be available. I believe it's a protein powder. Not just high in protein but also a rich source of beta-glucans. LOL this...
  18. B

    Recommendations for Protein

    Hi all, Well following my 'introduce yourself' introduction, I figured I may as well jiump straight in and ask my first burning question.... What protein (preferably flavoured) would you guys recommend? In the UK I was using Syntrax Matrix which came recommended by a mate who was training in...
  19. thechosenone

    Anyone tried powdered oats?

    FINE POWDERED OATS - 1KG Just bought myself 12 kilos of this shit, im gonna use it in the morning instead of my normal meal of tuna and white patatoes cause its taking me way to long to cook and eat it.
  20. staunch308

    Powdered Oats from bulknutrients

    Anyone tried the powdered oats from bulk nutrients? Looking at getting some, 20kg worth. Whats it like? I know powdered oats is powdered oats, but just wanna hear from anyone else cheapest I can find too, no surprise