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New member
Hey all just bit confused on what to look for in cereal. I know high sugar ones are bad but what else? all bran? wheat pix?
Looking for oats alternative.


New member
I've been eating to much oats ><
I tried
oats honey
oats peanut butter
oats apple + cinnamon

plus cereal easier to prepare. Or are oats really that good?


YOLO Kunce
Personally I like to make my own raw museli combo using a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and raw cacao because I love the taste of it. If I were to buy a cereal I'd look for these same things in the ingredients list and tend to choose the low sugar/sodium option because thats what I prefer. All bran and weetbix tastes like wet cardboard so I hardly touch it. Basically, choose something that you actually like to eat and buy that. If it happens to be sugar-laden like fruityloops then use common sense and don't try to devour the whole box of it in one sitting every morning.

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
Oats in a blender with milk and peanut butter. Drink it.

I usually chuck in a couple scoops of wpc, some waxy maize and creatine = brekky done in under a minute.


Well-known member
Whydafuq would anyone want to start their day with cereal? It's ALL shit.

6 eggs any way you want, mushrooms, something green like spinach or silverbeet. Throw in anything else from the vege family if you want (spring onions, tomato, etc)

I am assuming, from the fact that you posted here, that you are serious about "physical culture". So get yer diet together.


I eat weetbix after my eggs erryday. Sometimes twice. But generally "cereal" is utter shit.

I often mix 300gs of cottage cheese with 3 cups of milo cereal as my meal "I dont have to cook". Goes alright.


Standard kunce
the only "cereal" I do is oats, the rest I find is a just a waste of good cals, would prefer eggs and bacon, steak or anything else instead...


Well-known member
Same. I only have 2 variations of breakfast; omelette on wholemeal toast, and yoghurt mixed with oats.

I'll then add things to these depending on what I'm trying to achieve in my diet. If bulking, I'll add an extra egg to the omelette with cottage cheese. For oats and yoghurt, I'll add peanut butter and milk.