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  1. R

    Reandron at 19

    My total test came back consistently in the low 200s and was just prescribed reandron (testosterone undecanoate) to be taken every 12 weeks or the choice of a gel (testavan) by my endocrinologist. I weigh 95kg been training for about 3 years with still decent numbers for a natty with really low...
  2. V

    Looking for a gym in Redfern, Sydney

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place to post but... Just moved to Redfern from Melbourne and am looking to sign up to a gym. I've trained at Athletique Health Club for the past couple of years in Melbourne (if anyone knows about it). Love a gym that has an old-school vibe but will be...
  3. N

    First cycle Qs

    I want to take test E or C 250mg weekly for 12 weeks. I will likely be a once off user 1. Is this a decent regime? I know from the literature that gains are linear up to 600mg and maybe beyond. But I don't want to get really big anyway 2. Does this intermed dose of test make it difficult to...
  4. Shrek

    Arnold Trains son

    He’s no Arnie but has potential.

    what is this exercise called? does it even exist?

    it's like a barbell front delt raise, except you raise the barbell all the way over head. so do a barbell front raise and extend all the way up until overhead starting from front/waist finish over head. if it's an actual exercise, what is the name of it? also isn't this exercise a pretty good...
  6. Acme


    what are the best machines to use for biulding muscle
  7. WoodyAllen

    Olympic lifts: beginner's guide

    Does anyone have a decent video guide to the two olympic lifts? I'm thinking of adding them into my accessory days to help out with flexibility/mobility plus adding speed and balance into the mix. Something with Lidia Valentin would be preferred, but, well, anything is OK, as long as they...
  8. Australia

    Soft landing pad

    Hi there! does anyone here know of a good pad for landing on, after doing some explosive jumps to reduce impact damage? Also, does anyone know of the type of damage the landing accumulates and what the corresponding field is called? (physiology?) If anyone is an expert on the matter and has...
  9. spartacus

    Crossfit 2016

    anyone watching
  10. S

    Learn power clean in Adelaide

    Hey guys I've been out of lifting due to laziness / 3 young kids / shiftwork for a few years but have just left my job and wanting to spend some time getting back into lifting. Anyone know anywhere decent in Adelaide for a bit of coaching ? I'm basically looking for a check on my squats, deads...
  11. Puggy

    Straps/Wrist Supports - what do you use?

    Hey all, Something I've never really used before are lifting straps or wrist supports. Is there a combination of both? I've seen Jay Cutler using them on his snapchat, and they seem pretty decent. More the point practical when it comes to safe guarding my wrists and dainty white palms. I'm not...
  12. A

    Good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?

    What are some good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?
  13. F

    Advice on some new squat shoes

    So I blew out the sole of my current squating shoes and I'm looking at getting a proper pair, their is quite a range these days. I've heard addidas make a decent pair any advice and/or info would be great.
  14. Reide

    Best place to buy sports clothes

    Lornajane is so pricey. Kmart is uncomfortable. I need to buy some more pants soon as I keep changing shape. So any tips of decent quality for little price would be awesome
  15. D

    Anyone here own a Muscle Motion barbell?

    Looking to buy a new general purpose barbell to replace my cheap crappy one and I found this one on Gym Direct http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/weights-bars-dumbbells/bars/olympic-size/elite-pro-olympic-bar-1500lbs-rated/ Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm in Brisbane so I can't...
  16. A

    What's the most interesting thing you've witnessed on a run?

    What's the most interesting thing you've witnessed on a run?
  17. A

    Australia's Jake Nikolopolus A few months from NABBA Universe

    https://instagram.com/p/6SKiB8kp41/ p/6SKiB8kp41 p/6SKiB8kp41 jakenikolopoulos86The time is coming to see what will be left under these layers of bodyfat for the Nabba Mr. Universe contest this October. I've definitely brought up some lagging bodyparts but I still have another year or so...
  18. S

    bodybuilding.com coming to Australia

    Rumours have it they're setting up now and launching in October. Can anyone add to this? is it true? Going to be a game changer if so.
  19. spartacus

    deadlift article concerning rounded back

  20. Headley

    What to buy...

    Hey guys, I need some advice on what supplement to buy/take for the AusBB 2015 competition. I really want to cut down on the BF% and have a decent cardio and weight program lined up. I have about 5 KGs worth of your WPC sitting in a bag but i want to know what else will help me in this comp