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Why is this in the Powerlifting section? Shouldn't it be in the Injuries and Rehab section?


Well-known member
While it is argued that crossfit can lead to exertionalrhabdomyolysis, an overtraining term that describes muscle wasting with complicationsassociated with the kidneys and cardiovascular system”, we do not criticise thesport. After all, with 52deaths linked to US triathlons from 2007 until mid-October of 2013, the realityis that crossfit has a very good record “when compared tosports like basketball, football and soccer”, notwithstanding the need toensure the need for all athletes undertake greater intensity through gradualprogression rather than going flat out without adequate preparation, as “acompletely safe training program is doomed to produce only couch potatoes”.


BigRed Kunce
So does Siamand Rahman's...