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  1. Big Mick


    Crossfit is a cult. Discuss
  2. RickHarley

    Somebody do that?

    I think crossfit go away. What you think?
  3. C

    Drugs in CrossFit

    Is it true that drugs are heavily abused in CrossFit?
  4. spartacus

    2018 crossfit toomey wins again

    toomey 188kg deadlift after first day where she did 42km row https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTrgxKtqcuQ
  5. Timeah

    Powerlifting Plus Crossfit. Can they co-exist?

    Kind of following on from Rob's thread on conditioning. Powerlifting fundamentally is a skill based pursuit based on the expression of maximal strength, which often combines power training with bodybuilding. Crossfit is probably the most efficient activity for creating a solid fitness base...
  6. WoodyAllen

    Crossfit sixpack for reps

    .... will not be shown here. Instead, real athletes who are stronk as pherk.
  7. D

    Airmill sale sale sale ! ! !

    Hey Yall, Keeping you posted ON FLEX HOT DEALS RRP $1,795.00 $1,295.00 WAS $1,495.00 SAVE $500.00 (28%) Only 5 Left! REMEMBER ALL AUSBB MEMBERS TAKE A FURTHER 10% OFF AUSBB = $1165.50 PM MYSELF OR JAYZ FOR ORDERING OR canningvale@flexequipment.com.au
  8. D

    "Klokov Barbell Sale"

    Hello to all you lifters : Just had a sale released company wide on our most popular Klokov Barbells Klokov Mens 20kg Bar : was $1099.95 NOW $899.00 https://www.flexequipment.com.au/klokov-equipment-mens-olympic-20kg-bar Klokov Sport 20kg Bar : was $999.95 NOW $599.00...
  9. D

    Member for Flex Fitness Equipment

    Hi Everyone, Just introducing myself for the forum, hope yall are well. Feel free to talk to us about "anything" fitness ! We have some great stuff for all facets of training and relish the opportunity to chat with you. Regards DazRob
  10. A

    What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for bodybuilding?

    What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for bodybuilding?
  11. T

    Home Crossfit Exercises?

    Does anyone know any good home crossfit exercises? Just looking to shred a bit of fat and keep it flexible on the go. Thanks in advance!
  12. B

    Atlas Stones For Sale

    Hi, If anyones interested, I make atlas stones, they're made from high strength concrete with macro poly reinforcement, vibrated internally and externally then cured. I'm using Hybrid Molds and sizes are 20kg to 130kg. For price and photos look at my Gumtree ad, location North of Brisbane.
  13. spartacus

    Crossfit 2016

    anyone watching
  14. spartacus

    2015 Crossfit Games

    anyone watching crossfit games? pretty impressive feats amongst madness of it all.
  15. A

    Crossfit athletes Colleen Fotsch and Ashley Beaver

  16. A

    Blank Space (Crossfit Parody)

  17. ride29er

    My 2015 Crossfit Open thread

    Deep down I know all you kunce love Crossfit so like last year ill run a thread with my progress and how I go this year. For those that dont know how it works, most have heard of The Crossfit Games, the Opens are the first round of qualifying to make the games, each friday for 5 weeks they will...
  18. Jungnaut

    CrossFit fan approaches mum for breast milk

    CrossFit breast milk trend: Bodybuilders find new protein source This is great! Now I know what to say to all those yummy mummies I see every day parked outside the gym at the cafe. See if you can get it delivered direct too. :o
  19. Goosey

    New addition to Cross-fit

  20. A

    CrossFit and Functional Training |The Fundamental Problems

    Here's what you need to know... Strength and skill can't be developed through methods that employ constant variation. Strength is the most important physical attribute, improving all other attributes, like speed, agility, balance, and power. Basic barbell training is the best way to build...