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Well-known member
Lidia has, as the commentator says on the last lift, "a gold medal snatch".

and can jerk as well......



Well-known member
What up @WoodyAllen you still smashing the weights ??

Yes, and no. Tore my quadratus lumborum on Friday (joins the pelvis, lower rib and spine for side flexion) so very, very sore and limpy this week. Not enough warm up and stretching prior to doing 5x5 with 235kg. My fault. Walking helps a lot. Sitting is OK but getting up is agony. It all tightens up real quick. Makes taking a piss in the middle of the night a full Rocky style workout.

Will do some upper body stuff today, just have to be careful I don't aggravate the nasty beast.

Took 4 months off after worlds last year to move house and build a home gym. So been slowly working back to "normal" training weights. I'm about there now, except for this setback. Have switched to doing squats exclusively low bar but with max width on the grip to keep my brachialis happy. Seems to be going well with very little quad pain, unlike last year.

I have one month to get mah chit togedder when I start a 3 month cycle peaking for worlds in Calgary. Hopefully all my injuries are done for the year.

Party on.


Manky Pommie Kunce
Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope the recovery is quick and you kick arse in Calgary.


Well-known member
Is it a arse kicking comp?
no good for a one legged dude.

Yer not doin' it right......