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  1. WoodyAllen

    Crossfit sixpack for reps

    .... will not be shown here. Instead, real athletes who are stronk as pherk.
  2. WoodyAllen

    Snatch Grip Push Press.

    Strong bro is strong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=91&v=WCYjL8YWmrQ
  3. A

    what is your weak spot in the gym?

    Is there a certain exercise that doesn't seem to progress, or a muscle group you don't feel is getting stronger? And do you have a plan to address it?
  4. A

    GoPro - Olympic Weightlifting Snatch Practice

  5. Goosey

    Some serious snatch, on snatch action

  6. A

    Crossfit Isabel 135lb barbell snatch 30 reps for time DEC 4 2013

  7. spartacus

    Me like this exercise: muscle snatch clean grip

    go heavy or go home part 2( muscle snatch 170kg.) - YouTube This 170kg.
  8. H

    Defecit and snatch grip deadlifts?

    Hi all, Question regarding defecit deads. I am trying to make every exercise (hard, Difficult). I have started my wife doing defecit deads, basically with no shoes on and the barbell is touching her feet. Question is, how to do them, I have been having her starting in a arse to the grass...
  9. Fadi

    Behdad Salimi 217+256= 473 (Unofficial Snatch and Total WR)

    jnWeI6V4OHM One exclamation from me gentlemen: WOW! I've said earlier on when Salimi broke the snatch world record last year in France that he would go on to do big things at the London Olympics this year. If all goes well, I can see this gentle giant attempting an unheard of world snatch...
  10. 0ni

    Can't snatch lol

    I can't do hook grip in the snatch because my hands are too small. I can do hook grip in deadlifts fine so it's probably my lateral wrist flexibility that needs improving How do I into bendy wrists
  11. Ben

    Lots of snatch

    Has anyone tried this, if so, how many of reps did you do? SSST In 10 mintues, see how many times you can perform a snatch with a 24kg KB. You can switch hands. Ladies, use the 12kg. The record is 297 reps.
  12. P

    advice to help my snatch (lift)

    OK. Here's the score. I finally got my book from amazon called Olympic Weightlifting: A complete guide for athletes & coaches by Greg Evertt. In the section about starting on working the snatch, it talks about the best way to find where your hands should be. It instructs they should be wide...
  13. P

    Thoughts on the olympic Snatch

    Last night I sat down & read closely an article about the starting position of the olympic lift 'the snatch'. Instead of posting it here, since it's quite long & to be honest...i don't actually read long articles, i thought i'd post some thoughts here, what i did about it & the results. A...
  14. P

    The Snatch - Learning the movement complex and progressions

    The Snatch - Learning the movement complex and progressions brianmac.co.uk Here are the exercises we use to teach our athletes how to Snatch. We first breakdown each part of the lift before having the athlete attempt the Snatch as a whole. Many years ago...
  15. P

    Check out my snatch

    Z0bcvtL_q80 Here's me doing 2 reps @ 40kg. This is about 90% of my 1RM I'd love to hear what ya'll got to say. Sure i know i have a long way to go till i'm moving some serious weight. As the old tennant goes, it's not where you start, it's where you end....right ?