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  1. Stiff 2G

    Fuck Chinese Communist Party

    Prepare to die kunce! If these CCP kunce wanna keep hacking our Internet, spying on our Government and Businesses etc, threatening expats Families, invading sovereign territories etc, I say we blow one of their Jets or Battleships outta the water/Sky next time they hassle anyone in...
  2. WoodyAllen

    The profit based health system

  3. O

    hello from ozraelised

    hi all, I joined this forum after looking around. I am 51 male with not a lot of training experience. I have been training at the gym in the past but not at the level that I want to now :) . I find it difficult to tune my diet and training to the goals I am looking to achieve. in the past...
  4. WoodyAllen

    Crossfit sixpack for reps

    .... will not be shown here. Instead, real athletes who are stronk as pherk.
  5. I

    serious gym training

    Are you looking for gym training with new branded equipment?
  6. H

    Trt aus question

    Trt in Austrailia From blasting and cruising since a young age for competative bodybuilding what are the chances of getting trt from the doctors and what are the legal aspects now also do they usually include hcg with trt ? Sick of cruising on my own methods
  7. A

    cortisone injection shoulder

    anyone ever had cortisone injection in their shoulder, to relieve bursa problem, how did it go , how many injections did you require? any physio?
  8. S

    Cure for the Cold and Flu

    K Kunce. Letz do what Science has failed to do so far. Letz find a cure for the common Cold and Flu. Rest, fluids, Zinc and .......... ???? P.S. yeh I'm sick, both in the Head and Body.
  9. G

    Strongman - Anyone?

    Hello, I live around the Western Side of Sydney (so Windsor/Richmond direction).... Is there anyone (even not on this side) that is a good personal trainer in Strongman/Strength conditioning? Im sick of all the stupids out there that claim to be personal trainers and don't even understand...
  10. spartacus

    Did anyone watch 5 part series on OJ Simpson

    I though it was a great documentary.
  11. A

    25 year old male sick of being tired. Trying to find an empathetic specialist.

    25 year old Aussie here who could really do with some advice from anyone willing to offer wisdom. I recently underwent a full blood test due to my persistent fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, lack of overall motivation and libido. I'm utterly sick of feeling exhausted and useless on a...
  12. WoodyAllen

    Chromium Picolinate and cancer

    Ok. Everything causes cancer, but I have always been wary of chromium supps. Chromium was one of the major contaminants that were found at the infamous Love Canal site in New York. Lots of cancer cases came up after a new housing development was planted on a toxic waste dump. Well, the land was...
  13. A

    Bmx action returns to shepp

    BMX ACTION RETURNS TO SHEPP! The BMX Victoria pre state titles and Dynamites and Crackerjack Finals take over the Shepparton Bmx Club this weekend. Find out everything you need to know here:http://bit.ly/BMXOct15
  14. J


    So, had some bloods done as i always do every 4-6 months. Was kind of expecting them to be bad, last few months haven't been very fun..little to no exercise, except for jerking off. Been eating absolute shit, almost makes me feel sick when i think how bad my diet has been as well as the...
  15. Neddysmith

    Training when sick.

    SO yesterday I felt I was coming down with something and slowed down on the cardio but pushed through on the weights, then afterwards I felt myself going downhill in the arvo and night, today I feel pretty ordinary with blocked nose tiny bit of sore throat and cough. When you guess are feeling...
  16. T

    Sick of this fucking shit !

    So i was doing leg press with only 250kg down to 50kg drop set only made it to 100kg when I get this sharp pain in the back of my neck and jaw that was 30 min ago I'm still sitting down at the gym and it hurts like hell . My Partner wants me to go to the hospital but I said I'll wait untill she...
  17. P

    getting sick on cycle

    Hi all , atm im laid up with a pretty good man flu havnt trained in almost a week and cant eat as per normal , now what happens when you get sick whilst on cycle ? i did a google search and there are lots of diff opinions like stop the cycle till it passes and others say its just test flu ( im...
  18. _Gruph_

    Are you sick of dry chicken breast? Well wrap ya laughing gear around this!

    Ok the other night after gym I was so tired I decided to just pass out, get up early and make my lunch b4 I left for work. Suprise suprise I slept thru my alarm and got up with half an hour to get to work. Good thing my work is on William st which is just around the block from where I live so I...
  19. Shrek

    Sick calves

    Sick. Me want. :(
  20. B

    Ugly Women

    I have a question for the men of ausbb. Ugly women yay or nay? I am married nowadays (and shes a looker luckily, aging well too) but there was a stage as a young bloke where I spent a couple years only porking ugly women. The reasons were two fold. Firstly the ugly chicks were easy to get and...