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K Kunce. Letz do what Science has failed to do so far. Letz find a cure for the common Cold and Flu.

Rest, fluids, Zinc and .......... ????

P.S. yeh I'm sick, both in the Head and Body.
Panadol mate

And water.

3-4 panadol every 4 hours. Don't worry your liver won't fail if you eat that much panadol over a weeks time.
Panadol won't do Bo Didley except mask the pain. Mix it with Coke maybe.
pseudoephedrine and lots of water, high fat food and rest. If you can get pseudo then good old fashion speed will do it.
Sheez, all this Tom Foolery and trollin. What will [MENTION=8428]Big Mick[/MENTION]; think?
I rekon [MENTION=8428]Big Mick[/MENTION] likes a good dose of speed as much as the rest of us, just look how fast that new ute of his looks.
So I thought drinking Milo would be a better option than drinking Coffee, for those with a Cold/Flu. How wrong I was. I feel 10 times worse now. Damn you and your Milo [MENTION=3627]Goosey[/MENTION];
pseudoephedrine and lots of water, high fat food and rest. If you can get pseudo then good old fashion speed will do it.

^This was going to be my suggestion.

Other than the above to deal with symptoms and allow you to get shit done, there is no cure except time.
Yep. Pseuds, couple panadol, few neurofen and some caffeine and that's good to spark you up.

All you can do is mask the symptoms and wait for it to go.
Yep, caffeine isn't as Evil short term as it's made out to be I think. Been doing OK with just lotz of water and Coffee.

Had a pint glass with half Milo and the other half Almond/Coconut Milk, eating the Milo with a spoon. Fever took off real bad - body aching and headache. Fark. I know its not the Almond/Coconut Milk as I've been having that consistently.

Must be the Sugar in the Milo triggers the Fever. Still haven't fully come down yet 2 hours later.