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  1. A

    Anyone else get gas from oats?

    I originally thought it was the milk, but I tried some lactose free milk for a week and I was fine. I then added oats back into the equation and I started to fart a lot. And shit a bit more. I read that oats have a lot of fiber and this can cause it. Is it unhealthy to continue eating oats...
  2. M

    Cold oats?

    Its getting a bit hot for Oats and was wondering if anyone else puts them in milk overnight than eats them raw in the morning? I'm hopeing it will taste good with blueberries.
  3. kindred

    What do you think the difference is between animal feed (oats) and human oats?

    Not that I'm going to go down to the farm supply and buy a bag of feed or anything... although times are tough. only joking. but seriously whats the difference?
  4. kindred

    Where is the cheapest place to get steel cut oats or oat groats?

    Im interested in getting bang for my buck as im guessing all steel cut oats etc would be the same. Is it better to get the from health food stores or supermarkets?
  5. kindred

    I wanna get most of my protien through oats and eggs will i die?

    If I get say 97-99% of my protien from eggs and oats will that eventually weaken me? I want to switch from mostly meat because of the cost and taste (not a huge fan). I will also chuck in almonds and be getting a little protien of vegtables. My plan is to eat a big bowl of oats (the healthy...
  6. A

    Oats + Protein Cereal

    Dymatize have released a new product which is a protein/oats blend. We haven't got it in stock but are considering bringing it on. My question to you guys - would this be something that you would be interested in buying? Or, would you just use normal WPC/WPI and add it to oats instead? Here's...
  7. L

    Where can I buy cheap oats in bulk in NSW?

    Where can I buy cheap oats in bulk in NSW? or online?
  8. M

    Quick oats or rolled oats..which one?

    I have been having uncle toby's quick oats i nthe morning for breaky, but I have read now that their GI value is 82. That's high! What kind is everyone having? I know the quick oats are obviously easier and faster to cook, but what are the rolled oats like and how do you cook them?
  9. B

    The "sort of healthy " Fast food meals thread

    If we see a healthy or sort of healthy fast food, let's post it here with the nutrition info,the price and taste in your area. I'll start. Subway 6 inch Roasted Chicken with Double meat, no cheese. Protein: ~40g Carbs: 38g Fats: 4.4g Price: $7.75 per six inch or $12.55 for the footlong...
  10. B


    hey was just wandering why people put oats in their shakes?what are the benefits of oats?
  11. B

    Peanut Butter & Oats Protein Bars

    PEANUT BUTTER & OATS 16 oz. natural peanut butter protein powder (I used 2 packets of vanilla Met-RX) raw oats skim milk or other liquid Protein Bar Instructions: 1. I put the peanut butter in the microwave to melt. 2. Added the Met-rx and stirred 3. Added oats to thicken 4. Added...