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  1. WoodyAllen

    Take my money!!!

    Saw this while "researching" glutes. I like how it has a "75lb" thrust to get you back up. I wanna get two. "It's so easy!!!" Magic. I would like to volunteer as a live product demo. (In before Cum Shot)
  2. R

    Just BCAA's

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get just plain old BCAA's? The ones that are not instantised. Just plain old untasty, doesn't mix well, unflavoured BCAA's. Thanks.
  3. Shrek

    Stan Efferding - Guest Posing

  4. Shrek

    Happy 10th Birthday Ausbb

  5. K

    Wtb > iron edge squat stand

    Been looking for another iron edge squat stand to add to home gym , I saw two earlier for sale but never catch the seller on time so willing to try my luck here. ( VICTORIA)
  6. W

    What is your favorite work out quote that motivates you to keep going?

    Everyone wants to look good...Working out has never been easy. It demands loads of effort and dedication.You need that constant reminder to push/uplift you to your goals. Let's share our favorite motivational quotes about working out to encourage a buddy to keep going.:o:o
  7. Neddysmith

    Ufc 193 - melbourne

    The first fight for UFC 193 in Melbourne has finally been announced. Lawler Vs. Condit http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-193-taking-shape-with-robbie-lawler-vs-carlos-condit
  8. Fadi

    Ooops, did I just say that!!!

    Watch the instant reaction of Koshi, and the second or two delayed reaction of Samantha..."I can't believe I just said that"! type of a look in her eyes. Would I go as far as accusing her of making a racist remark? Based on her non-verbal communication clues, no I wouldn't. However she should...
  9. A

    PTC Brisbane and Stan Efferding

    The workshops generally run for about 4 hours and will be structured in the following manner. - Introduction - History of Stan and his achievements - Nutrition and supplementation programs - Powerlifting techniques Lunch - Stan does demo's on lifting technique - Stan watches you lift...
  10. A

    Stan Efferding - Rhino Passion

  11. Darkoz

    Stan Efferding - You don't grow in the gym

    Over 90% of the questions I’m asked at the gym or via email are about the best weight lifting routine to get huge and strong. How many sets, reps, drop sets, super sets, rest time, frequency, duration etc…? My answer is always the same. It doesn’t matter You don’t grow in the gym, you grow at...
  12. O

    Inner thighs

    Ok girls, any tips on toning the inner thigh area? I have really upped the weights I use over the past 3 months and have been challenging myself a lot more than I was last year. I'm really starting to notice in these past few weeks how toned my legs are getting - in particular my quads and...
  13. ink81

    Stan Efferding Breaks 2300!

    Stan Efferding just broke 2300lb Raw at 275. A record that has stood since 1972 and became the first lifter to total over 2300 at 275. True Beast. _9x3x9t2Xgg
  14. 0ni

    Eric Spoto didn't get his 716 bench. Stan Efferding didn't get his 905 squat

    Eric Spoto didn't get his 716 bench. Stan Efferding didn't get his 905 squat
  15. S

    Stan Efferding

    YouTube - Stan Efferding Sets 2 Raw No Knee Wraps World Records! // Super Training Meet \ MassMuscleTV
  16. D

    Coffee good or bad?

    Hey was reading in mens health that a few cups of esspresso is good for you, im not too sold on it what do you guys think ?