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New member
Hey was reading in mens health that a few cups of esspresso is good for you, im not too sold on it what do you guys think
Like almost anything moderation is the key.I have 2 cups in the morning - just regular brewed coffee, and then I may or may not have 1 more during the day.
Total 4 at the very most but sometimes 3, usually 2.
There is no evidence that says a bit is bad but a heap that suggests (only suggests mind you) that a few cups is beneficial.At worst a few cups is not bad for you.

Health Benefits of Coffee - WebMD

Study: Drinking Coffee Has Health Benefits - ABC News

Benefits of Coffee - high in antioxidants

The physical health benefits aside, I love a cuppa - and I mean that ,it is one of my biggest pleasures of the day ,and it is essential to my mental wellbeing.
These days I would prefer to meet a mate/chick for a coffee rather that a beer so I`m not out on the turps.
Hhmmmm, coffee good, coffee great, gotta love ya coffee, make you work fast, talk quick, movelike lightnin'.Z Z z Z Z ZZZZZzz(bug zapper noise simulation)

Sorry up to expresso 4 for the day & feelin' fine.:cool:
i've never liked the taste of coffee and i've never been the type of person to let something have control over my emotions/life... i cant stand it when people say "ohh i just cant function atm i havent had my morning coffee" etc
I love my coffee. And smashing a double espresso before my Saturday morning workout gives me a great energy increase.

But as usual anything in moderation.
Coffee has a two edged sword. It's one powerful fat mobiliser at the cellular level and a CNS stimulant, which is great for making you alert. That's great.

Consume too much in one sitting and and it'll be like taking a mini speed tablet (not that I've taken one before) but have seen the effects first hand: and it's not a pretty sight.

What's too much? Everyone has a differnt threshhold. I don't drink coffee at all and it acts like a drug on me if I was to consume it. Stopped it at the age of 15 with soft drinks.

i cant stand it when people say "ohh i just cant function atm i havent had my morning coffee" etc


these people are the biggest dicks. I don't like coffee and dont drink it either.

If it helps them work so much, how come I am in every morning earlier than them and finish my work for the day by 3 when at this time they are still stalling for time and fart arsing about.

So annoying, these seem to be the same people who make your day go slower as you have to wait on them for work sometimes.
Dunno if good or bad but lately 3-4 cups per day is the norm.
Love my Nespresso machine.
Excess of everything is bad. It doesn't just go with the coffee but everything we eat or drink. Water has ton of benefits, but if you drink excess of it then you can die from water intoxication.
And coffee is just a thing which is effected by a lot of perspectives. The fact which I see in the drinking coffee is to not go beyond the limits and don't make it a habit of your daily routine.