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  1. C

    phenylalanine (coke zero sweetner)

    Hello all, Im curious about these artificial sweetners in my fav drink coke zero. At work everyone telling me it will stop me from losing weight because the sweetness spikes insulin or something. I dont have an education all i know is code and like to lift weights. This chemistry food stuff is...
  2. S

    [Article] What are some basic health tips?

    Thе kеу tо a healthy dіеt is tо eat the rіght аmоunt оf саlоrіеѕ for hоw асtіvе you аrе ѕо you bаlаnсе the energy уоu соnѕumе with the еnеrgу уоu uѕе. If you еаt оr drink mоrе than уоur body nееdѕ, уоu'll рut on weight bесаuѕе thе еnеrgу уоu dо nоt use іѕ stored as fat. If уоu еаt аnd drink...
  3. C

    introduce myself.

    Hi AusBB community. some stats about myself firstly, im 22 183cm (ish) 80kg from about 88kg (currently cutting as summer fastly approaches) male located in Geraldton, WA been training on and off for about 5 years but seriously for about 2 and ahalf. have really only ever focused on the rep...
  4. Shrek

    Walking for exercise: Is it enough by itself?

    Walking for exercise: Is it enough by itself? - ABC News https://apple.news/A0oHOV0V4SSG8XCKaKXP79Q We all know we need to exercise to stay fit and strong, stave off disease and maintain a healthy weight. Walking is the most popular physical activity undertaken by Australian adults. It's...
  5. WoodyAllen

    Dietry fat. "New" discovery.

    You can just hear big pharma squirming in their money chambers. All pretty obvious and not new but at least it's slowly coming out at last. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/25/health/saturated-fat-arteries-study/index.html
  6. Shrek

    WADA to ban caffeine

    Russian microbiologist hints at WADA’s potential ban on caffeine as doping in sports MOSCOW, March 3. /TASS/. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) may possibly include caffeine on the list of its banned performance enhancing drugs for athletes, the Russian Federal Micro-Biological Agency (FMBA)...
  7. Shrek


    Does anyone drink it? Do you make your own or buy it?
  8. T

    Is protein dangerous for your health?

    Man nearly dies after consuming a few protein shakes I'm scared now. I drink protein shakes three times a day (for more than a year now). Is my health at risk? or is this just a rare unfortunate situation for the man who nearly died?
  9. Nikko

    What can't you train without ??

    Music and lifting lifting straps on heavy dead days
  10. M

    High protein milk

    https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/Browse/eggs-dairy-fridge/full-cream-milk?name=the-complete-dairy-full-cream-milk&productId=407509 thoughts???
  11. A

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing copious amounts of powder?
  12. Shrek

    Bjornsson - Strongman Diet

    That's a lot of food. ?
  13. Fadi

    Whey protein vs white bread..., don't fool yourself!

    Hang on a sec mate. Whey protein and white bread in the same sentence, and if that wasn't enough, you're pitching one against the other? It's got to be some joke right? No, no joke here. If I was talking protein, then yes sure, it would be the joke of the century, however I'm talking about...
  14. Shrek

    A2 milk in coffee

    Goosey; said it was the best coffee ever because of the A2 milk. I for one prefer the organic skim. [emoji1]
  15. A

    WA man Matthew Whitby nearly died after taking two popular dietary supplements

    WA man Matthew Whitby nearly died after taking two popular dietary supplements A 27-YEAR-OLD WA man who nearly died after consuming two weight loss products has warned others about the dangers of some popular dietary supplements. In 2014, Matthew Whitby, from Geraldton, drank a pre-workout...
  16. A

    Perth doctor warns female bodybuilders over extreme dieting techniques

    ONE of WA’s top doctors says young females are putting themselves at risk of “significant side effects” by the extreme dieting techniques they are using to enter bodybuilding competitions. A special three-month investigation by The Sunday Times behind the scenes at the fast-growing competitions...
  17. Big Mick

    Coconut Water

    Seems to be the flavour of the month. My daughter loves it, she also goes nuts for actual coconuts. Anyone crazy about this new health craze?? Any opinions?? Benefits?? Negatives??
  18. M

    Isoflex Review

    I have tried a lot of different protein blends, but must say that the Allmax IsoFlex Peanut Butter Chocolate is great. It is a very fine powder and it blends in literally seconds and there is not a chalky / clumpy taste. It has the flavor of hot chocolate with a hint of peanut butter. I will not...
  19. Fadi

    1150 calories meal drink

    Here’s my meal drink for between the hours of 4:30pm and 12:30am today. It’s composed of the following macro ratios: Fat 50% Carbs 40% Pro 10% 150g pear 150g kale 100g dates 100g almonds 100g avocado 10g Amino acid glycine 10g Organic gunpowder green tea leaves 2.5g Organic decaffeinated...
  20. A

    Bodybuilder, 39, dies from cancer caused by steroid abuse

    A bodybuilder’s death from cancer was a ‘direct cause’ of taking steroids, an inquest heard. Picture: Facebook The Sunnews.com.au Email a friend A BODYBUILDER’s death from cancer was a “direct cause” of taking steroids, an inquest has heard. Fitness fanatic Dean Wharmby died on July...