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  1. G

    SARMS Australia

    Does anyone know if SARMS Australia (sarmsaustralia.com.au) are legit? They seem to be the only place in Australia advertising completely legal sarms, but they don't respond to facebook messages or emails which is a bit of a red flag
  2. WoodyAllen

    Lumberjack bench press.

    May not be calibrated weights.
  3. F

    Barbarian MONSTER Gym vs Force USA Monster Gym ?

    I've been looking at both the Barbarian MONSTER Gym and Force USA Monster Gym. I don't hear anything good about Force USA compare to Barbarian.
  4. A

    Welcome on board Flex Fitness Equipment

    Flex Fitness Equipment is Australia’s #1 fitness equipment mega store with stock selling at warehouse prices. Delivery Australia wide and they have been great enough to offer ausbb - Australian bodybuilding forum members 10% discount on equipment purchased
  5. I

    Ausbb! 💪 boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only 🔥

    Ausbb! 💪 boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only 🔥 Merry Christmas in advance to all of you AUSBB! We're starting our Boxing Day Sales a little early so you guys can get in first dibs on all of our stock. Take care over the holidays and enjoy them! All the...
  6. Goosey


    Like a car What if Mr.Olympia was a showroom for a physique you could go out and purchase after the show? Then which Mr.Olympia would be the richest? Zane? Although not technically in the running , hands down you'd sell a lot of Steve Reeves and maybe 7 Phil Heath..only to receive 5 product...
  7. I

    ⚡*BOOM! Gym Shoe*48 Hour Flash Sale! ALL Shoes $75!*😍

    Hey Ausbb! The last of our Stocktake sales is here! For 48 hours only you can have any of our shoes for just $74.95! That's nearly 40% off the retail price! If you still haven't got yourself a set, or simply want to add more to your collection now is a fantastic time to do it! This won't be...
  8. I

    MASSIVE STOCKTAKE SALE! 🔥*30% Off Storewide! 3 Days Only! Check it out*😀

    MASSIVE STOCKTAKE SALE! 🔥*30% Off Storewide! 3 Days Only! Check it out*😀 Hey AusBB! It's that time of year again! We're offering a rare 30% Off storewide discount code. That's everything for 3 days only! Click HERE to check it all out or the image below. Don't miss out on this one! Take a...
  9. Shrek

    Epic, Sarms and other stuff

    Super Andarine will get through customs, won't it?
  10. B

    10% off WPI and WPC for Choc Coconut flavour only

    Just a heads up while discounted stock lasts. WPI: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-isolate.html WPC: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-concentrate.html
  11. I

    New Website Launch + Lever Belt Restock

    Hey guys, check out our new website here Let us know what you think! www.irontanksgymgear.com Also, we have a very small amount of 13mm Lever Belts back in stock with our "Tank" buckle.
  12. A

    Did you: Just get a new bike

    Did you: Just get a new bike? Just got an older new-to-me bike? Finally take a picture of your bike that you're proud of? If so in the comments below post your bike and then give us some details: How long have you had it? Is it stock? If you've modified it, what did you do and why? What...
  13. Shrek


    Like very much 2 per day. One pre and one post workout. Fits macros easy enough. Get 'em in ya.
  14. I

    Sale/Clearance Items - Ltd Stock

    Hey guys, website has had a bit of a restructure. Making way for a whole heap of new gear, so got some pretty amazing clearance/sale offers up and about. Limited sizes, some are already gone - up to 70% off. Click HERE to view all, see below for more Iron Mesh Jersey/Tank - lightweight...
  15. A

    SYDNEY: Powerlifting stock going

    G'day, I'm selling a bunch of stuff. My understanding is I'm ineligible for private messages, so if you like please contact me at altrdbeast@gmail.com and we can talk about how much stronger & bigger you're going to get. EQUIPMENT INVENTORY: Force USA bench $100 Muscle Motion...
  16. A

    Olympic Weight plates $2 per Kilo - Limited stock!

    Gym Direct are having a clearance sale on our pair of 20kg Cast Iron Olympic Weight plates! Plates may have a cosmetic defect - but otherwise in great condition! For more information please follow this link to our website; CLEARANCE Cast Iron Olympic Weight plates, pair of 20kg, machined...
  17. I

    Maintenence Complete - New Gear In Stock

    Hey guys & gals - just a quick one to let you know back end maintenance has been complete and all our products are back in stock, including 13mm lever belts, quick release belts, dip belts, 24" wrist wraps, super heavy knee/elbow sleeves + more! Iron Tanks Gym & Fitness | GYM &...
  18. S

    lifting shoes- in stock

    Hey guys, I remember when I was looking for some lifting shoes everywhere was out of stock so just letting whoever is interested know that ironedge has got some Nike romaleos in stock now, so if you were waiting like me to get some, get on that. I'm not part of the company in anyway just...
  19. C

    Nike Romaleos 2 stock?

    Ironedge doesn't have my size (US 9.5-10). Anyone else sell/stock them in Aus? What about the Addidas Adipower?
  20. B

    Scales are (finally) back in stock!

    One of our most Frequently Asked Questions for a few months now, "when will your scales be back in stock?" ...we've just unloaded an arrival of 1000 of them! Digital Micro Scales