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  1. S

    Physio recommendation

    Hi all, Having issues with my shoulder and in need of a good physio. I am located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I know an excellent one (Andrew Lock) but he is booked out for quite a while. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Any feedback would be great...
  2. T

    Melb - East side training buddy?

    Ayyeee. I was a member here about 6 years ago, and I'm looking to get back into training seriously. I've been lazy AF the last year or so, and I'm garbage at keeping myself accountable. I would love to find a eastern suburbs training pal particularly for morning sessions. Anyone keen? Burwood...
  3. W

    24/7 gym, SE suburbs Melbourne

    I'm looking for a 24/7 gym around the SE suburbs in Melbourne, has to be powerlifting friendly (e.g. doesn't forbid deadlifts, etc.). I'm currently at Re-Creation which is a great place, but with my schedule I really want something 24/7, any suggestions?
  4. D

    Sydney Eastern suburbs

    Any recommendations for a gym in the eastern suburbs? I've been using UNSW and happy with it (4 squat racks, area for deadlifts, plenty of free weights and benches), but they have raised their prices in the last year and combined the pool access, weights and classes into one. It would now be...
  5. CaT_SPeW

    Western suburbs melbourne sessions?

    Anyone from the west keen to do some sort of weekly training sessions? Since I left PTC ages ago I've had to train by myself and have never regained the intensity I had training with other people. It might be cool if we can get a few guys to train together maybe once a week somewhere like...
  6. GoPies

    Recommend a good PT in Nth Melb Suburbs

    Hi All, I'm in need of a few PT sessions to correct my technique. Either my body is just shit or I'm doing it wrong :) It would be good to know which it is. I've been a member of a few gyms over the years and the guys that pass themselves off as PT's can be quite off putting. Can some...
  7. L

    Strength training centre NW suburbs of Melbourne

    Gday I've recently moved to Tullamarine in Melbourne. Does anybody have any comments (good or bad) about gyms in the area? Does anybody have any experience with Victory Gym in Airport West? I'm after strength based equipment, with lots of room to move, and a place where people don't look at...
  8. G

    [MartialArts] Where and what martial arts training in Melbourne northern suburbs

    Hi all, I trainined in taekwondo for a few years (got to second dan black) before giving it away due to home commitments about 7 years ago. My renos are now done and my kids a little older and I'd like to get back into training, but in another MA (or even in boxing). Not sure which discipline...
  9. G

    Unsure.. Need PT Melb south east suburbs

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is in the correct section. Anyway I have been trying to find PT for the last couple of weeks with no success. I can not find one that trains hard and is actually good not like the typical "gym trainers" who can not lift heavier then 20kilos and are built like...