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  1. S

    Facebook - fuck me!!!

    Facebook is using sophisticated algorithms to identify and exploit Australians as young as 14, by allowing advertisers to target them at their most vulnerable, including when they feel “worthless” and “insecure”, secret internal documents *reveal...
  2. A

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?
  3. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #9

    This weeks topic: Back Training · What do you do for your back training? · What do you think most people neglect or do wrong? · What recommendations do you have for others in building a wide and thick back? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  4. S

    Att all Rapists. Where to buy cheap Hoodies?

    Been wearing jerseys for years to the gym, but they getting old. Need to buy some Hoodies. Where do you Bro's and Rapists buy your cheap Hoodies please? Shrek;
  5. A

    POV of an archery target

  6. A

    Has your training changed as you get older?

    due to injuries? or the body not being able to take the strain anymore
  7. A

    change in your training program?

    How many times do you change your training program for any given muscle?
  8. MaxBrenner

    Protesters target Max Brenner......

    Protesters target Max Brenner cafe Protesters target Max Brenner cafe It may be a popular haven for chocolate lovers but the Max Brenner store at Brisbane’s South Bank will also attract anti-Israel protesters today. A Queensland senator last night branded a planned rally outside the Israeli...
  9. Goosey


    Sometimes I like to mix this up, if my target for an exercise is say 15' I will start at 15 and work back, or I might break it into into fives, occasionally when I'm on the last five I'll break it down to ones. I do whatever I can. Breaking into fives works quite well for 20 reppers. Along...