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  1. A

    Casey Victor

  2. Goosey

    How Tom Platz built those legs

    Just starting out, I trained with Olympic lifters who taught me a reverence for the squat. They taught me that this is where life and death passes before your eyes, that this is the altar of weight lifting. But when I first came to Gold's in Venice the squat rack was cluttered and shoved in the...
  3. Shrek

    Tom Platz

    jxdIT3keiBE k3BpslIhLSk obCmngg4qAo sbKT1NsCpbI HxgZAbmQGnI And now 227.5 x 22 reps :eek: DjtVvYk1HWw 1_QV-L_jZDI h1HJawJAyKA
  4. DKD

    [Music] Tom Jones

    This guy has the best voice I have ever heard....awesome smoky tone and very, very powerful....it's hypnotic.....looooooov it TOM JONES - Green Green Grass Of Home (1989) - YouTube
  5. O

    Test Booster Res100

    As approved by Admin: Res100 Click to Buy www.wickedsupplements.com Ok I am going to post a lot of info here and all the info is important to understand exactly how Res100 Works to increase not only testosterone but also improve your health. I will also post some reviews so you can see how...
  6. Goosey

    Article on Pilates (Tom Kelso)

    An analysis of the article entitled: "At the core of a new movement – Pilates is popular, but it requires concentration" In light of the fact that obesity rates are rising in the United States, people need to be given the proper tools to combat this epidemic. We need to offer effective...
  7. L

    Tom Platz fan

    For any fans out there I stumbled accross this 3 part youtube clip which was uploaded on the 21/05/09. Talks about gym roots, steroids etc. k3BpslIhLSk obCmngg4qAo sbKT1NsCpbI YouTube - tomplatz79's Channel
  8. T

    Why do you train?

    I'm talking bodybuilding or other weight training activities. To keep it under control, please limit answers to 5 most relevant reasons. My answers: To gain muscle mass and desirable body for sex appeal (for women, gays can look but no touch). To compete with others at the gym I train at...