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  1. S

    Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert?

    I've noticed that a number of people, both here and elsewhere, who take Steroids have the filthiest minds, are almost perverts, and I'm not limiting that to Cum Shot (he is a Pervert) and U.M. Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert or just bring the Pervert out in these people? Or do Perverts...
  2. S

    Pauline goes full Burqa

  3. A

    When Did Strongman Competitions Turn Into The WWE?

    Complete with the fake break out of cuffs. Cheesy as fuck.
  4. Darkoz

    Matt Kroczaleski - just call me Janae

    Now lives as a woman........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTPP55OfBEc
  5. F

    Domestic Violence Against Men

    I could have put it there, but thought it was truly not warranted to end the title of this thread with an exclamation mark! If you have ever doubted what you're about to see, consider the fact, the most often unheard or undiscussed fact of women raping men. I've known since the 70s of that most...
  6. T

    Steroids good or bad?

    Many people say that it stops bones growth and only enhances flesh is that right? should i use them or not?
  7. A

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?
  8. Neddysmith

    curry laksa

    gonna be making a curry laksa for the first time for dinner tonight, just leaving out the tofu and fish balls, but putting in the chicken and prawns, not sure how it will turn out but goping it will be as awesome as it sounds.... http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/malay-curry-laksa-laksa-lemak
  9. A

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?
  10. A

    Why I love this Forum

    pledge your love for Ausbb (no blood oaths needed)
  11. Repacked

    The best physiques never to turn pro

    Edgar Fletcher:
  12. B

    Naturally flavoured and sweetened WPC and WPI now live!

    Chocolate, vanilla and fruit all with natural flavours and stevia sweetened. In addition we use only natural flavours and sweeten with stevia to ensure an all natural product. We use freeze dried Australian fruit powders, cocoa and vanillan at the lowest inclusion rate to ensure our natural...
  13. Goosey

    Ice Cream

    Some say this shit is bad, I reckon it's superb for getting extra cals in, for someone youg bloke wanting to beef up. The high butterfat content is contraindicated for those on a low fat diet, but ice cream does have a number of bonuses. For those who like to rationalize their indulgence...
  14. K


    Hi all, Who here have or is a surfer and have had significant results in terms of beer gut drop? Or significant weight loss? I think this would be an awesome hobby to take up. Comments pls. Devante.
  15. S

    Casual Sex good for you

    Found this article on Ninemsn (no I don't read Cosmopoliton). Do you have one night stands? :: Cosmopolitan New research says that casual sex can be VERY good for you. Have you ever had a one night stand? Yep? Well good on you, because apparently casual sex is good for your mental health. No...
  16. kindred

    Anyone got any simple instructions on how to turn frozen vegatbles into soup?

    I have made 3 batches with different vegtables and everytime It tastes not good. I basically just get a bag of various mixed frozen vegtables and put it in a put with a little oil and cook it abit while the vegtable stock cooks then I add the vegtable stock and blend it when its all cooked...
  17. A

    [Cycling] Seven arrests after BMX fans turn violent

    Police were forced to use capsicum spray on rioters at a BMX event near Bendigo on Saturday after they hurled bottles at firefighters and set fire to a car. Seven people were arrested after a mob assaulted CFA volunteers who were called to douse a burning car at the Club Court Reserve at...
  18. B

    [Cycling] turn signal biking jacket

    how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike turn signal biking jacket - Instructables - DIY, How To, craft, tech - Let It Glow! Entry
  19. C

    Muscle Depreciation

    Just a question, say i have an injury or go on holidays and can't train, how long does it take for muscle to shrink/ get smaller/ turn to fat etc? would it be a week, 2 weeks or what? any ideas? Cheers