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Just a question, say i have an injury or go on holidays and can't train, how long does it take for muscle to shrink/ get smaller/ turn to fat etc? would it be a week, 2 weeks or what? any ideas?

having 1-2 weeks off training wont hurt at all , if anything it will help with any injuries that you may have
if your worried could always do some bodyweight workouts
thanks for that mate, i was just on holidays for 8 days and didn't train and i was just wondering if my muscles had got smaller but obviously not.

8 days won't hurt you. In fact, you should take a week off every now and again for general recovery IMO, there is also the concept of Strategic Deconditioning from HST that advocates up to 2 weeks off.

And by the way - muscle does not turn into fat ;D
I'm also worried about that. I will be away for 4 weeks, I will have to do push ups, sit ups, dips etc.
MightyTriby said:
I'm also worried about that. I will be away for 4 weeks, I will have to do push ups, sit ups, dips etc.

I went away for 4 weeks & did body weight push ups every day while I was away - once per day, trying to do more every day than the day before. When I got back, I was suprised to find I was benching the same weights as before I left. Hope you find the same.
When I was a young bloke, I remember reading in one of the muscles mags, "that for every month you do not train, it takes you 1 week to get back to the shape you were"

Therefore, if you have 3 months off, it takes you 3 weeks to get you back into shape.

If you have 1 year off, it takes 1 month to get back into the former shape.

I do not know if this is true, but I guess, as long as you do not put on weight, ie eat the wrong foods, then it works.