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  1. A

    Personal Trainers

    hi Im from adelaide, im looking for someone to help me out. Ive been training on my own and with mates for a couple years now, with little results. Im hitting my mid 30s now and im after some one to really help me along. Have asked around but have mainly been given names and what not of kids...
  2. A

    Arnold schwarzenegger and franco columbu spend the day together to celebrate 51 years

  3. Fadi

    Be Inspired

    This thread is all about being inspired and motivated by watching others who have accomplished more than us. Please upload a video clip if you feel it will inspire your other Ausbb Team Mates on here. I only ask we keep this thread clean please. Thank you. LET'S GET HIGH WITH CT PEOPLE! AT...
  4. Mackie

    [Boxing] Boxing Discussions

    So similar to the UFC Discussions thread I thought i'd get a Boxing discussion thread started for anyone who is interested to discuss all things boxing. After having a quick search i found a few boxing related threads, rather than start another specific one i thought i might just start a...
  5. kaz

    Great Mates you've lost over the years!

    Do any of you still reminisce about friends you have parted ways with? Not died, just lost contact for whatever reasons or had a massive falling out over simple shit?
  6. A

    Women Choose Mates by Shoulder Size First, Research Suggests

    Size does matters when women are looking for a mate! A recent study finds, whether it’s the size of a man’s shoulders versus his hips, his height or anywhere else. The research was published in the National Academy of Sciences, was done to help develop a better understanding of women’s sexual...
  7. B

    Orca! Straightahead a mates band

    life time friends band orca straight ahead got 2nd film clip now.. you could say musically its kinda weird at times but you get used to it and it really grows on you.. check out there stuff on youtube and triple j unearthed. 2nd album released 11 september. check out these 2 videos...
  8. A

    work mates at gym

    been going to the same gym for agers , the only person i have ran into is an old boss from another job i had my current employer had a deal with the local gym , a corporate package offering a better deal then my old membership was offering me , so i signed up , normally i hit the gym in the...
  9. B

    Cheating. Is it Ever Ok?

    So I had a very interesting discussion with a massage client yesterday and have had long running discussions with friends about this topic for a very long time, I thought I'd pose the question to the forum... Is it ever ok to cheat? Have you ever cheated? Would you ever cheat? Is there any...
  10. Shrek

    What is your name?

    Hi friends. Whilst we all have usernames to protect our identities I thought it would be great to share our real names. Do so only if you feel confortable in sharing you name. Some people feel more confortable talking to a real name rather than a nic-name. ;) Here is the...
  11. C

    boob accidently brushes up

    Do you say "oops" or nothing at all? Just curious, as it has happened to me a few time ,the most recent was the other day this male colleague at work (middle aged and married) brushed up against my boob a couple of times, a trainer's hand have brushed my arse, it might not have been an...
  12. C

    Muscle Depreciation

    Just a question, say i have an injury or go on holidays and can't train, how long does it take for muscle to shrink/ get smaller/ turn to fat etc? would it be a week, 2 weeks or what? any ideas? Cheers