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Women Choose Mates by Shoulder Size First, Research Suggests


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Size does matters when women are looking for a mate! A recent study finds, whether it’s the size of a man’s shoulders versus his hips, his height or anywhere else.
The research was published in the National Academy of Sciences, was done to help develop a better understanding of women’s sexual selection.
Facial symmetry and body shape are also known to play a role in sexual selection. The importance of the shoulder-to-hip ratio and of height is consistent with this research. Roughly 80% of the 105 women studied cited a wide shoulder-to-hip ratio as being attractive, the study found. While the other 20 percent split equally between height and penis size

Facial symmetry and body shape are known to play a role in sexual selection. While the importance of the shoulder-to-hip ratio and of height is consistent with previous research, the finding on penis size was a surprise, Mautz said.
“Height and penis size had the same effect, and to me, that’s surprising,” Mautz said in a telephone interview. “We know taller men make more money, are more likely to have leadership positions and have more children. To have penis size have the equivalent effect was just, wow.”

A few other things that may influence male attractiveness included body hair, movement, and other physical traits, Mautz said. This study “opens the door” to look at those as well, he said.

via Bloomberg


YOLO Kunce
LOL I was thinking exactly the same..

Time to do more shoulder presses with penis pump attached whilst wearing high heeled basketball shoes.