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  1. S

    I dont understand Deadlift Fatigue

    So i trained heavy deadlifts yesterday doing 190kg 3x3s. the first two sets felt so good. felt like i could maybe rep out 1-2 more reps but didnt push it. I rested 6 minutes between sets and then on the third set the first rep felt good, second felt super heavy and the third i could only get the...
  2. S

    Kit Bradley

    What’s good 25yo pretty staunch. Hello.
  3. A

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Asad and joined ausbb forum to interact with guys who likes to hit gym frequently. I am currently in a food business where I sell weight loss prepared meals and its important I stay in touch with my potential customers to understand the market needs and improve my products.
  4. Big Mick

    What is the story with Dairy Farmers??

    This has been all over the news and social media for a few days now. I can't really work out what the story is and how buying expensive milk helps farmers when Coles/Woolies etc are making the profits on the milk. Can someone explain what the story is, as any articles I have read and news...
  5. P


    Hi, I'm considering taking cardarine aka gw501516 aka endurobol to improve my endurance for riding. I have read a lot about it and understand the risks and benefits. Just wondering if anyone has tried the German Pharmaceuticals cardarine and can verify that it is legitimate or can recommend...
  6. Neddysmith

    What's happened to lucky hatzipantelis?

    A few years ago Lucky was touted as the next big thing in Aussie Bodybuilding but since then I have heard very little.... Anyone know?
  7. Rugby88

    Favourite supplement/s of all time?

    What is the best supplement/s you ever used - something/s that isnt on the market anymore and you wish you could get your hands on or something you still use everyday? Two of my all time favourite supplements - AST VP2 - still use this bad boy - great taste/great breakdown One supplement I...
  8. S

    Breast implants: overs or unders?

    Are breast implants for weight training females better to be placed over the muscle?
  9. TrentZor

    dealing with compliments

    Im sure alot of u guys here get compliments from different people (male/females).. Whats your standard reply? At the gym today some dude looks like his new to the gym/training.. new dude - Hey mate your in good shape been training long? ceffo - nah not long under 3 months new dude - bulls**t...
  10. Dancelot

    Where do you buy your coconut oil?

    I want to switch from olive oil to coconut oil, but my two local Coles and a Safeway don't have any. I'll check out the local Indian groceries shop. Just wondering where you guys buy your coconut oil, which brand and how much. Thanks :)
  11. T

    Other hobbies and passions?

    outside of bodybuilding what other stuff are you guy and gals into ? i'm a bit of an electronics buff , radio and communications, computers soon became known as the fixit guy , the person everyone brought their stuff to get fixed but in the throw away society we live in most people find it...