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  1. Timeah

    [Article] Big Dogs 4

    Anyone else watching? Odell Manuel leading with a 470kg squat... Dyaln Hellriegel, dissapointing day with only 420. Same for Yuri Belkin (weighing fucking 105kg mind you!). Gawain Johnstone with a good 455 squat to sit in 2nd place. Graham Hicks with 440 setting himself up for a giant total...
  2. A

    Steroids V Peptides

    hey all pretty new to this side of working out. im 6 foot 2 90kgs, but a slimish sorta build. Ive been looking at, and weighing up the steroids vs peptides. I can get the peptides easily and legally but very $$$ places claim to have the same effects as steroids using only peptides? Can people...
  3. Shrek


    Got the prawns and snapper fillets for Friday and probably a BBQ for Sunday. Steak, snags and pork chops. Pics as they come. You?
  4. simo74

    What are you using for calculating and Tracking Macro's

    What are people using ? I Don't want to get too scientific and into weighing everything but want an easy way to break down a days food into macros and overall calories?
  5. M

    Weighing food is deceiving !

    The last few days i started measuring and weighing all my portions in measuring cups and digital scales. To get my calorie intake scientifically intact an macro ratio. I feel like I been eating so much when I look at how big my portions sizes should be compared to what they are now Lol. Its so...
  6. kaz

    Bus drivers weighing over 130kg stood down and sent to gym for 6 months

    Is this something worthwhile and should be introduced in other workplaces around Oz? Lose weight or find another job. http://m.perthnow.com.au/business/metro-tasmania-bus-drivers-weighing-over-130kg-stood-down-and-to-be-sent-to-a-gym-for-six-months/story-fn7kjv7y-1226515944312
  7. L

    Weighing school kids to check for obesity

    Article on whether school kids should be weighed at school to check for obesity to get information on public health Call for school weigh-ins to fight fat
  8. S

    weighing Food

    Now, this came about from a post i made in the digital scale thread. And its left me with a little confusion. My thoughts are the weight lost is just water, and the food only becomes more caloire dense. Eg. Turkey breast, 48G of protien per 100 G. Now eating half the pack, 250G. If i...
  9. Z

    im a starter

    i am17 years old weighing in at 55kg, I've never worked out before and think it is time that i start. what i want to focus on is my chest and arms. can anyone tell me where i should start?