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  1. J

    Hgh/hcg/ mk 677

    Question: Whats the chemical difference between these compounds and what difference is there in terms of effects and side effects? As you will see below Im after the connective tissue benefits,
  2. Puggy

    Straps/Wrist Supports - what do you use?

    Hey all, Something I've never really used before are lifting straps or wrist supports. Is there a combination of both? I've seen Jay Cutler using them on his snapchat, and they seem pretty decent. More the point practical when it comes to safe guarding my wrists and dainty white palms. I'm not...
  3. Shrek

    "the strongest big boy in the world | craziest lifts ever caught on camera

  4. J

    Types of Gym Gloves

    Want to look better and tone your muscles? If your answer is yes, joining gym is for sure the best way to achieve your goals. If you are already a gym goer, you must be well aware of the fact that strength training can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you are not equipped with right...
  5. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Wrists are fucked..

    Is this normal? I feel it probably is, I just had good flexibility from oly lifting, but now that I just train for strength they are shit.. Don't hurt when I'm benching or anything in particular, just front squats and general life
  6. canned tuna

    Sore wrists from dips

    A couple of weeks ago my wrists started playing up - couldn't move them back and forth/rotate or even type without pain.. Mobility came back after a couple of days as pain subsided, however still get some pain when rotating the hands Assumed this could be from military press grip / benching as...
  7. S


    23 years of age, 72kg and 250kg deadlift. Is 0ni our next World Record Holder? 250kg 2nd attempt - YouTube
  8. M

    EZ Curl bar for pansies?

    So basically I'm new to bodybuilding and just wondering what the general consensus is with the EZ Curl bar, is it for pussies? If so then I won't get one and stick with the barbell :) At my local gym my trainer made me use a thick foamy thing on my upper back for squatting, but after i read...
  9. thechosenone

    skinny girl wrists.

    after high school i was a measily 60 kilos at 176cm i looked anerexic and looked like u could grab my wrist and snap it like a twig. ive bulked up to 87 kilos in 2 years but my wrists are still skinny, should i give them extra attention or something? and im not talking about masterbation haha
  10. Ben

    What do your wrists and ankles measure?

    I think I read on here once there is a correlation between wrist/ankle size and bodyweight. For interests sake, what is your current BW, wrist and ankle size? Take the measurement at the narrowest part of each. BW: 71kgs Wrist: 6.5" Ankle: 8.5"
  11. L

    Pansy Wrist: Is there a cure?

    To follow on from my "Office Arse: Is there a cure?" thread...I have another distressing ailment to ask you all about... Pansy Wrist. You know...that ailment where watches always look big on your arm, even if it's the smallest bezel watch available? You know...that ailment where the size of...
  12. M

    How to strengthen wrists?

    Ok i include wrist training in my routine once a week to strengthen the, but they are still weak. I do reerse barbell wrists curls, behind the back wrist curls with barbell and also reverse grip barbell curls, but they still are weak. I am noticing it more as I try to go up in weights, my wrists...
  13. R

    Wrists and Forearms

    Does anyone know any good exercises for wrists and forearm growth?
  14. P

    Building up Wrists

    i have been building myself up for the last 5months, and i'm seeing some really good resuts, or atleast i think so My shoulders are getting bigger as are my biceps forearms and chest. But my wrists are getting me down , getting worried that they are going to stay skinny What exercises are...
  15. B

    Weak Wrists

    I've had weak wrists for quite a while (while i used to do gymanstics). Recently i started to do gymnastics again in an effort to help lose some weight. is there anything else I can do to make them stronger? I don't know if it is muscles or joints that cause wrists to be weak
  16. L

    Skinny Wrists

    Hey, I have pretty skinny wrists, 6" around, and was wondering if there is any specific excercise or tip to beef them up a bit
  17. K

    How do I build up the muscles in my hands and wrists?

    Could anyone share some tips on howto build the muscles and strength of my wrists and hands? thanks
  18. I

    How do I build up the muscles in my hands and wrists?

    How does one go about improving the size of muscles and strength of their wrists and hands?