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Is this normal? I feel it probably is, I just had good flexibility from oly lifting, but now that I just train for strength they are shit..
Don't hurt when I'm benching or anything in particular, just front squats and general life
I'd say it's the old "if you don't use it, you'll lose it"
I don't do any mobility work on mine and they're shit house. Perhaps try and keep them lose/mobile every now and then. It will probably come back relatively easy. If there's no pain, I highly doubt anything is wrong with them
Yeah that what I'm thinking .. I hadn't front squated for 6 weeks, I had noticed they'd been a bit sore at work when I was twisting them on angles or anything like that.. Then one day I went to front squat and couldn't believe how hard it was
Go get them checked out mate, you won't regret it.
Hopefully it's just some over use or something.
Better to prevent something happening, than to try and fix something that has already happened.
Getting wrists checked out because the are sore from front squatting is a waste of money. They will either give you some useless exercises and take your money or tell you to stop front squatting and take your money.

Just put up with it for a bit longer and it will likely go away. Front squats hurt most people's wrists for awhile.
Pay for a rub'n'tug ya cheap kunce rather than doing it yourself.
That'll give the wrists a break.
stretch the antagonists
warm up with circles
massage forearms and hands
same as anything else