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Amino Z still around?


I noticed they stopped being a forum sponsor, JUST as I was about to grab a bunch of stuff from them.

did they close? Does anyone know if they are still a going concern?
why don't you check..........................................

It was after their advertised closing time when I called - it just rang out, so wasn't sure.

If anyone would know, it would be the admins of the site they up until very recently, had sponsored.
Candyflip - yep we sure are still around. We just took a break from sponsoring this board after having done so for a very long time.

When did our phones ring out? We have three people on the telephones, so maybe we were experiencing technical difficulties. Very sorry about this.
Jay, do you have a physical stote in Beverley Hills on King Georges Rd?
Last couple of times I've driven past there, months ago, my wife mentioned she saw AminoZ, but I couldn't look while driving.

If so, how's it all going?
Candyflip - Great! Sorry about the issues with the phones you experienced before.

Hulk - Yep we are on King Georges Road, just north of the M5 (literally four doors up from the intersection). Plenty of parking behind the shop in a residential area, or near the aquarium, or alternatively across the road in Shorter Avenue.

Business is going great guns. The warehouse team are being worked off their feet lately with consistent growth. I've been on a hiring spree the last 6 months in order to try to keep up with demand!
Doing well Jay.

Some internet dominant businesses can be very deceiving.
You just never know what happens behind the scenes and how much turnover the "smaller guys" can do.

I'm sure some of the larger named businessed don't do as well as the smaller independents.
Yeah you're right, it's hard to know exactly how big everyone is. A good indicator used to be based on the size of the shop you walked into, the number of customers and staff there. Bit harder to do gauge when you're online though.
Hey AusBBers

Just thought I'd drop into this old thread (I haven't posted up on here in a looong time!). But yes we are still around and booming!

But anyway, we've got a 10% off everything promo on this weekend, coupon code ANZAC10 (just use this when going through checkout)

You can shop online (www.aminoz.com.au) or call us on 1300 AMINO Z (1300 264 669).


Amino Z
even with the 10% coupon applied, the postage price on your website jacks the price back up to what you have listed on ebay anyway.. so there's no real point of this promo?
Hi Rambo

Thanks for the feedback.

Well there are a few reasons why you would choose to purchase directly through the website:

1. 10% discount offer
2. Rewards points (not offered on ebay)
3. Free shipping if your order is $100 or more
4. Choice of a free gift for an order of $50 or more
5. With almost all products, our prices are cheaper on the website than on eBay (due to eBay commissions)

But I'd be interested to see what you'd be looking to order? If the offer is better than what we have listed up on eBay, perhaps I'll need to take a look at it!


Amino Z
I was looking at the Cellucor c4 extreme listed for $45 on the website.
With the 10% discount it comes to $40.50, with postage it comes to $47.50. Its listed on ebay for $48.95 with free postage + gift.
Thanks for the feedback Rambo.

Yeah that looks right. I guess there's a bit of an anomaly with lower priced items because of the postage cost. If you did want the free gift then you could pay a little more for it on eBay. But what we find most people do is purchase a couple of things through our website because then the value difference is quite substantial.

For example if you purchased 3x Cellucor on the website vs ebay (Most people don't, usually people will buy this with a protein or other complimentary product, but just as an example):

Website = $121.50 + free premium gift + free postage + rewards points
eBay = $146.85 + 3x standard gifts (you don't get the premium ones on eBay) + free postage

So the value difference is quite significant here.

Appreciate your feedback Rambo and I'll take this to the team to see how we can continue to add further value.
I'm still using these guys - they have comparable pricing, a good range and fast delivery, and follow-up customer service.
That's about all I need.