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Australian Lab Testing of Gear



Just wondering if anybody would know of any Australian Labs where you can send in say one Testosterone Ethanate vial to see if it's underdosed or bunk?


New member
Because then he'll know for it is reputable and can purchase more.. Makes sense yeah!!!
No need as there are plenty of reputable labs around. So u get 1 vial tested at a figure far greater than the cost of the gear itself.

Tests are gtg, what happens if next batch is already in distribution and has been underdosed selectively as a couple of labs have done in the past.

Easier to just get bloods done.

Makes sense yea!!!

Johnnie Walker

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pm shrek for a hook up.

no labs in aus are that decent. some better than others but none are good lol.

the anabolic inovations test probably wasnt even a third the stated dose and had bloods done to prove it


Thanks for the replies everyone, I will just get bloods done.. I'm about 2 weeks into PCT, when would be the best time to get tested?


Punxsutawney resident
police will test that shit for you, just take it down the station

I hear you get a free holiday with every test?

Why not just stick to a reputable lab.

^^ This - however if you must [MENTION=17808]cameronmc88[/MENTION]; see below: Edit - wrong info linked originally.

Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Analysis

Don't know if anyone - like me - has ever wondered if the gear you have bought is properly dosed or have bought raws and wondered about purity.

It can be really difficult to tell exactly if what you are using is dosed properly. Bloods are of limited use and we have all heard the stories of raws being cut down and oils shorted. (The sponsors I have dealt with here have all been on point - so I'm not talking about them)

My misses works in a lab where they have a Mass Spectrometer but all tests are logged so any testing that I would like to do is out of the question. It's bloody frustrating because I spend a bit of time in the lab and the damn thing just seems to be mocking me.

Anyways, because I just have to know - and especially for those ordering raws I have been researching an answer. Mass Spectrometers cost a bomb (about $200 000) and you often see people on sites saying testing is out of the question on the grounds of costs. Not true - in the US you can have a sample tested for around US$50. In Aus its closer to AUS$200 (Aussies get ripped off for everything). However, because of the legalities no one is going to use these services. The answer for both Aussies and our US brothers is testing in Thailand. In Thailand aas is not illegal so getting a test done is no problem. It also helps that things are much cheaper in the land of smiles.

Testing via Mass Spectrometry (MS) analysis costs around US$30. Usually they will want a liquid or dry sample in an eppendorf tube. So for the cost of a international shipping and US$30 you can have a sample tested via Mass Spectrometry and receive a report. What you are after is the low resolution MS (Mass Spectrometry) test . There is no arguing with a MS report.

You set things up via email. The company is Bioresources Research Laboratory a subsidiary of BIOTEC (which seems to be a government testing facility supporting universities and business).

Here is the link:


So if you just gotta know - now you can.

Source: Thanks to TS from BOP.​
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Thanks a lot for the info @Repacked

Not illegal to send them mail with a tube, like it will actually make it out of Aus? and is it hard to read the report :)

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
Thanks a lot for the info @Repacked

Not illegal to send them mail with a tube, like it will actually make it out of Aus? and is it hard to read the report :)

Mate, as others have said. Get on to another lab that others at least can vouch for...

Also, anything with a hologram is gtg.... not srs :cool:

Bloods before cycle, 1/2 way through, and after pct.

Then again 8 weeks later if staying off.