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Bicycling and weight loss


Lady In Red

Wasn't sure where to post this question here in the female department or over in the bike department so i decided to post my question here

I was just wondering if anyone has ever lost much weight by just going out bike riding.

if you have lost weight via bike riding :
How long did you riding for ?How much weight did you lose? and how long did it take?
not that i am overweight just want to get rid of those extra few kilos that keep hanging around the tummy area


Bike riding is just like jumping on the bike down at the gym, only difference is that riding a pushbike you get out and about and can be alot more fun
its a great form of cardio excersise toning the legs.
As for how long it will take , hard to say depends on how often you ride and how long for for , how many kilos you want to lose and also your diet


New member
I know some people that have had amazing results, but like Allie says it depends on many things.

most people I know that have had results tend to be outdoor riders, either long distance or cross country.

Me, I'm too scared to get a pushy out on Sydney's roads!


if you have some hills in your area that will get you sweating and the weight pouring off
if you only have flat ground you'll need to put in a bit more time

Lady In Red

must say that i am loving riding the bike , ok the weather hasn't been too nice , but i am starting to see results