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Bulking - 2 "anabolic" response window


New member
Over the Christmas break, I found this article on muscle and strength:

Bulking For Natural Bodybuilders | Muscle & Strength

It talks about going for broke for 2 weeks when bulking, then shifting back a gear. The basis being that after about 2 weeks your body adapts and starts storing fat. Whereas in the first 2 weeks of caloric excess, the hormonal response primes the body for using the caloric excess in muscular growth.

I've noticed that bodybuilding.com have popped up an article about bulking which has a similar point, but actually points to the research to back it up.

Bodybuilding.com - Plan To Grow: Master 5 Secrets For A Better Bulk

I wonder whether it might mean that bulking by doing 2 weeks of 1000+ caloric excess, followed by 2 weeks at maintenance (maybe with decreased rest periods/more supersets/giant sets) could lead to much leaner gains over the course of the year.

Thoughts? #broscience? #screw-the-research-let's-just-eat-pizza-drink-(raw)milk-and-get-fat?
Sounds like a bit of broscience to me, but then again if you give it a go and it works then why not do it this way, especially for those who have trouble eating less.