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Candyflip's DEXA scan Sept 2011



I've been meaning to get a DEXA for ages, and wish I'd been able to have one 20 years ago for the comparison I could have made.
For you young 'uns on this board - I highly recommend you shell the $80 for this now, as you'll have a fantastic time-capsule record for yourselves in 20 years time.

Mine was done on Wednesday in Little Collins Street, Melbourne, at BodyScan.

3 minutes on the table revealed this:

page 1 (these are huge jpeg's - if they open in your browser small, and you can't read them, right click and save them to your hard drive, then open with your default picture viewer)
page 2
page 3

* I'm .2cm shorter than I was 10 years ago - and yes, I'm shrinking in height.
* I'm 2.6kgs heavier than I was 3 years ago.
* My fat weight (%) is very close to what it was when measured by caliper in late March 2011, despite eating 500-1000 calories more each day since about the same time. So the 'fat shakes' don't appear to be adding much fat - of course, I'm running 2-3 times a week now that I wasn't in March, April or May.
* I was kinda hoping for an overall lower fat % - I guess I vainly believed I could come in sub-14. Not even close.
* My calves look big and my thighs look tiny - this probably reflects reality. :)
* I have hips! Who woulda known it... Beyonce would be jelly.

In summary, go get one of these - painless, cheap and informative.


extra crispy
ive been holed up at home for the last week with a back injury and i was gonna book myself in for one of these today, shoulda done it. would have been interesting to compare to you as im same height , 71kg but age 32


there was a heap of bookings open yesterday but i can see they are fully booked now. i wonder how often the website booking page is updated

Yeah, I saw that too - talking to the receptionist who took mine, I doubt this indicator is anywhere near close to reality. I had to book 2 weeks ahead.


Private Dancer
Very interesting to see how much info they give you. Thx for posting this Candy Man. Bit hard to read some of it on the iPhone, but did I read correctly u have 24% BF in your head? Is that normal?! :confused::D


Private Dancer
I know.... and how do I spot reduce it?!!?

Stick the earphones in and bop your heard furiously for at least 30 minutes.

I recommend Nana's classic 1976 album "Passport".

Good luck man, and post photos when you're happy with your ripped head.


Candy i think it makes your ass and calves and arms look bigger because they are being squashed , you were lying on your back correct???

Thats interesting info but thanks for posting..

I guess brisbane would be the closest place for me to get one done..too far!.


I have had 2 scans done and got 2 different results for fat mass in the head. At the end of a bulk I had an extra 1.5kg of fat on my head. I don't feel any smarter lol, so I'd say it was the neck