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For those who have broken bones


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
For those who have broken bones: what were your experiences after getting back in the Gym?


Packing a Huge Member
Experience 1: The penny drops, DO NOT attempt FMX the you're +100kg, old, inflexible and below average intellegence.
Experience 2: Frustration, Frustration, Frustration and more frustration mixed with feelings of useless-ness-ness.
Experience 3: The nagging "I told you so, how old do you think you are? act your age!" crap.

In the gym: More frustration and feeling of useless-ness-ness, uncertainty about the integrity of the joint, very protective over the area. Slowly learn to trust the healing and load up the limb, then realise that the bone is strong but tendoens have lost mobility need stretching and that is the issue not the strenght of the bone.
Still hurts on the break anniversary.



New member
yes, I know feeling, had titanium plate put in broken collarbone last October and still have quite a bit of pain in shoulders, especially when hanging from bar.

At least I can train heavy again.

Sometimes you can have pain for years, as was the case with my broken scaphoid (wrist) years ago.


New member
All my breaks are 100%, its the torn ligaments that never come 100% or overlooked on recovery that give me grief.


New member
Have broken my jaw, cheekbone, ankle and arm. Had 6-8 weeks out of gym and then got back into it. Did nothing for 3-4 weeks and then eased back into it.
Had 5 plates and 23 screws in for the cheek fracture. Took a while to lift after that as any pressure really hurt.
Was in a boot for the ankle and still did upper body the whole time.
Arm was a dislocated and broken wrist, was running after a week.
Jaw didn't really stop me too much. Didn't need to be wired shut, just rested.
Gotta love rugby and judo eh

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New member
For those who have broken bones: what were your experiences after getting back in the Gym?

Had a few.

Stress fractures in both legs, suppose they count, put me out of footy for about 6 months. Really struggled to even walk at its worst.

2 broken ankles.
The second one it took 10 weeks to find it, was lifting and trying to play footy in that time. Physios just said ok and refused to scan it even though I told them I heard it snap.

Hand. Cast for few weeks until I got sick of it and took it off myself.

Broke and re broke 3 ribs on my right side a total of 4 times. 6 weeks of footy most times but kept lifting.

Fingers. They don't really stop anything.

Agree with deadlift. The tendon and ligament injuries are generally worse.
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