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MARK HUNT for President


Another article off bloodyelbow: 44 reasons why he should get the shot.

1. The only thing more exciting than an NHL Play-off Game Overtime is a Mark Hunt fight.
2. If he were to get the shot and then win it would arguably be the greatest Cinderella story of all time.
3. The prospect of Mark Hunt being on a Late Night show or other television shows.
4. He legitimately presents a unique style clash against Junior Dos Santos.
5. He is one of the better strikers in the heavyweight division, and a striking match between the two would give Hunt more than a puncher's chance.
6. In a politically correct sports society, Mark Hunt appears to be one of the most "real" athletes.
7. More Mark Hunt memes.
8. Hunt is a man's man.
9. He has a personality and appearance that could generate a large following if he is exposed to the masses.
10. He's not Alistair Overeem.
11. The eventual movie that would be made that could potentially make MMA movies "cool".
12. Two words: Atomic Buttdrop
13. A breath of fresh air.
14. More satirical Mark Hunt twitter accounts.
15. It saves the Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir fight.
16. He is only the man that could surpass Tim Tebow and Chuck Norris as a cult figure.
17. A world with Mark Hunt as the UFC Heavyweight Champion is a world that I want to live in.
18. He could potentially be the first UFC champion ever from New Zealand (read: Australia).
19. A show in Australia headlined by Mark Hunt would be insane.
20. It would increase his job security.
21. #RallyforMarkHunt
22. NickTheFace approves.
23. He's a Super Samoan.
24. His punching power provides the possibility of highlight real knock-outs.
25. It'd showcase how powerful social media has become in 2012.
26. Hunt replacing Overeem would be a human interest story that could find itself getting a lot of media attention especially on large sports mediums such as ESPN.
27. People love underdogs, and Hunt would be the ultimate underdog.
28. Easily more interesting than the guy in the Dos Equis commercials.
29. Shatter the stereotypical image of an the new "version" of an MMA fighter.
30. He has one of the most entertaining fighting styles in the heavyweight division.
31. The fight would probably go longer than 64 seconds.
32. Promises an entertaining ending to UFC 146 that could leave a positive impression about the heavyweight division.
33. The more post-fight Mark Hunt interviews the better.
34. It'd be the perfect fight to re-energize an MMA fan's battery in between the short time frame in between UFC 145 and 146 which should both be big cards.
35. Every second of the fight would be captivating.
36. It'd continue to motivate Hunt to train MMA full-time, and showcase what he is truly capable of.
37. There really isn't a stand-out number one contender behind Alistair Overeem.
38. It'd be a fantastic conclusion to one of MMA's most unique stories.
39. There's a reason hardcore MMA fans wants to see him get the fight, he is a legitimately interesting fighter that translates with an everyday person.
40. A possibility of a Pride or Anthony Pettis-like Holy Shit like moment.
41. A count-down special heavily featuring Mark Hunt.
42. He is in the most replaceable fight on the main card.
43. The closest thing there is to Overeem as it relates to testing the striking skills of Junior Dos Santos.
44. He's Mark Hunt.


Love it! :D

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDnB4qd5Htc&feature=channel&list=UL]Mark Hunt - The Samoan Cinderella Man - YouTube[/ame]


Figjam Brah

Srs feels brah
Fuck, I wish it was happening, the fight would be insane. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll headline the Brisbane show later in the year against whoever is champ then.


Standard kunce
Would certainly be an interesting fight....although i think they would more likely give it some someone closer to a title shot, another couple of victories and Hunt should be right up there....

Why oh why doesnt the bloody Vic goverment change the laws to allow MMA in cage as well a Ring so we can finally see the UFC bought the home os sport which is of course MELBOURNE?????