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Needing some advice on calories


New member
I've been a longtime luker but finally at my wits end I've decided to reach out for some advice.
It's hard to write this so short and not give enough info. So I hope I don't bore anyone.
I've gone from 84kg to 65kg in around 1.5yrs with the help of a personal trainer. I strength train 5 days a week upper/lower split cardio 1 day a week.
I stupidly didn't think the weight was moving quick enough in the first 6 months so I started eating 800-900 calories a day. Consumed with low calorie foods.
The weight flew off me but then my trainer moved his programming over to everfit and started noticing how little I was eating. And not his prescribed ammount.
He set me a new goal october last yr, that each month or so we add in 100 calories and up my protein intake (was eating hardly any as I saw it as too calorie dense compared to soup diet jelly etc) until I reach where my maintenance should be and then it will be easier if I wish to lose more weight from there.

So now I'm sitting on 1450 calories a day I'm 40 yrs old 165cm I get a consistent 20k steps each day. I train for a hour and half each day lifting pretty decent weight. I weight absolutely everything I eat/drink and log it.
My body weight has gone upto 67kg in 6months. I have gained a small ammount of muscle (mostly arms legs) but I feel my stomach is getting bigger.
I'm scared if I keep following his advice I'm going to gain all the weight back. Should I continue following his advice?
please help point me in the right direction
I would recommend you to follow your trainer’s advice and follow his path and also start walking in order to maintain your fitness goal.