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New House - New gym ...at Home



Hi All,

Been lurking for a while, first time posting - am really enjoying learning from alot of you.

I'm moving out of my apartment this week which currently has a .... semi-equipped gym and moving into a double garaged house (plus about a metre extra on the side of garage for storage etc..).
I've decided that im going to get some equipment for a home gym for me, the Wife and occasionally my brother.

Equipment i have;
- 6ft barbell with 95kg of weights (Standard sized) which i will be selling soon for an olympic set.
- dumbell handles to suit ^ weights
- Nice modern treadmill
- Home made 20",25", 30" 3-1 Plyo box
- 40 x rubber mats
- Punching Bag

Equipment i would like;
- Oly bumper plates n barbell.
- Power rack/Cage (with pullup bar and dip attachment)
- Excersise Bike / Spin bike
- Eliptical machine
- Cable crossover or similar
- Bench FID
- Rowing machine

I have a few questions though if anyone has some thoughts or advice on the different types of equipment.
Keep in mind that my goals are to build lean muscle and get to about 8-9% body fat aswell as toning and defining each muscle to look its best.
So pretty much asthetics not for competition or sport.....yet i guess..

1a) I've seen some power racks/cages with cable crossover's built onto them, 3 of which are listed below are among the 3 im considering (which of the 3 is best?), What are your thoughts on these verse's just a standard power rack or half rack.
https://www.renouffitnessequipment.com.au/shop/180pt-multi-functional-trainer/ ($1595 plus shipping)
http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/mon...ional-trainer-rack-smith-chin-core-combo.html ($1999 plus shipping)
http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/force-usa-power-rack-system-with-cable-crossover.html ($1495 plus shipping)

1b) Should i buy a seperate cable crossover instead of an all in one system.

2) Rowing machine's - which resistance types are better to have for a home gym in terms of reliablility and usefulness, Air Vs Magnetic (Not interested in water resistance....due to the cost)

3) Spin bike vs generic excersise bikes?

I've been on gumtree and ebay and the buy/sell section here to see whats floating around to get some bargains. Just in case anyone wants to know - im in Sydney.

Any thoughts/advice is welcomed and appreciated.

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Spin bikes are better for the money than cheap exercise bikes. Personally I love the expresso bikes, (not home gym suitable at 5k)

A pin loaded cable crossover is a lot more convenient than a plate loaded one..

Concept 2 rowers are hard to beat, but around $1500

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I'd get some olympic rings to hang from the chin up bar when you get it.
Worth their weight in gold mate. So many options with them...
For exercise bike, I've got a normal road bike (actually CX, but who cares), and a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

Clamps on to the rear QR skewer and has a roller that presses against the wheel. Works pretty well, costs $500 for the KK + $500->$50,000 for the bike.

KK are generally regarded as the best bike trainers, until you get into the multi-thousand dollar professional ones anyway.

Just need a mat of some kind to put it on to collect sweat, and a big-arse warehouse fan because you sweat absolutely buckets on it.
Our gym has one of those "functional trainer" things. It actually works well as a squat rack because it's very heavy and stable. This is the one we have. Bit higher price than the ones you mentioned though. You can do all your cable crossovers, pushdowns etc and it has a sleeve that you can stick a barbell into to do T bar rows etc.


My friend has this. It's awesome. Worth the money if you can spare it. It has cups and safties for free squatting and pressing, plus a smith and funtional trainer. It all runs very smoothly too. I am really impressed and if you don't have lots of space this is the machine you want.
2) Rowing Machine

You cant go past a Concept 2 rower. Any other one is a waste of money.
1b) Cable cross over

I have heard from a lot of people that the cable cross overs which come with a racks are never right as the pully system is cheaply made.
Thanks everyone for you replies, greatly appreciated....sorry for the wait on replying, i just finished moving into the new place.
Last night i finished sweeping and vaccuming the garage (it was a mess, bits of gyprock and building debree left behind) and assembled a bunch of garage shelving, unpacked everything from the old place..

Not long now and ill start doing my shopping. perhaps in the next 4-6 weeks.

@Taurus - I will get a set of rings....looked on ebay and they are pretty cheap, ill probably have to research how to use them effectively as i've never used them before.

@leiothrix - I checked out the KK's some reviews and videos and they look good, can get second hand ones and some new on ebay going for good prices.....but i'd then need a bike aswell. can anyone recommend a good online bike shop i can browse for pricing etc...

Concept 2 rowers can be had for around $1000 on gumtree/ebay etc..What makes the concept 2 rowers better than the competition ? is there perhaps a cheaper 2nd best rower out there that i could look into as $1000 would make my home gym budget blow out :)

Thanks for your help guys.
Re the rowers mate, go to any decent gym it crossfit box and you will generally only see concept2s. The reason for this is that they are the best and hold their value because of it.

I really don't think there is a second best option when it comes to rowers. It's the concept 2 above all others in my experience. There are sometimes C models on gumtree which will be cheaper. Hope that helps somewhat.

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