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Does size really reflect strength? I have a mate who is bigger than me by about 5kg of muscle, but also has a beer gut (still thinks he has to eat 5000 calories a day to put on muscle even though it's just turning to fat on him). But anyway I gave him an arm wrestle and I kicked his butt, like it was pretty damn easy, both arms. But then I arm wrestled a guy 2 kg less than me (with a tiny bit of belly fat) and I struggled to beat him and he doesn't even do weights.

So what's with that? Why is the bigger guy so weak? And why is the smaller guy so strong?

And what muscles are used in arm wrestle?



Fucked up Kunce
I guess he looks bigger because he is fatter.
I think shoulder esp rotator cuff play a big part in an arm wrestle as well as arm and forearm strength.


New member
I consistently get beaten by a mate of mine who is quite chubby, never exercises, and sits behind a computer all day. I think it's a combination of him being naturally strong (imagine if he worked out), technique, and me being naturally weak.

Also, I believe, muscle size and weight don't correctly correlate to strength. And as a 'bodybuilder', size is more important to me than strength. Strength is good, but size is better! :)


I always thought bigger size = bigger strength?

That would be the natural assumption but not the case.
The strongest guy at my gym is 83kg and about 170cm.That is not
kg for kg but he is the outright strongest (at least on the bench).
Genetics,muscle density etc. would be the X factors.


Other factors involved in an arm wrestle is the guy with the longer arm will need a greater strength, the humen body is predominantly based on inefficient leverage systems. Thats why you see short stumpy guys pushing huge weights at gym.