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What’s going on?


Packing a Huge Member
Right now it’s a shit-show, things aren’t going to get better we’re closer to Mad Max than we’d like to think so the importance of the workout is even more important than ever, gotta stay alert gotta stay tight.
Regardless of whatever you’re doing if it feels right then it is, YOU keep at it until otherwise if you’re enjoying what you’re doing there’s really no need to lament whether there’s something else you could do.

The workouts gotta be YOU against YOU, YOU motivating YOU, it has nothing to do with anyone else.

The bodybuilding industry is rife with criminality its been made so complicated for a reason…
I train inner city, and it’s def also rife with plastic, silicone and ink.
There is a new breed of kunce, that are difficult to categorise.
The trick is “the work”
There’s a lot of exercises that cover the same thing.
finding the right exercise (for you) one that doesn’t hurt over time allows you to go hard with confidence over a long period of time.
that and good form which isn’t always good.

For example I sorta rate the pullover in the “pull” category.

When you find a group of exercises that “fit” then you can really “get after it” for many many years and become really strong
Arthur Jones said the "high order work should be followed by low order work"... same principle as walking a horse after they have run fast (you do a biceps exercise to failure...then you do a triceps exercise to failure...and in that exercise the biceps is working low order (eccentrically)......similar but close to it is he always thought that a muscle structure should be worked with its "opposite..."opposite" muscle group... kind of a "push-pull" thing...working muscles that are hooked up as "opposites" in pairs... it doesn't work out perfectly but it's a neat idea...
Pre fatigue
Is where you choose two exercises one targets the larger muscles whilst the secondary one used the the “link” muscles.

For example the chin-up never produces proper fatigue to the lats coz of poor leverage and the arms tire very early before you can fatigue the lats

But you need to move real quick between chosen exercises to garner the benefits, like “seconds”
Rows aren’t a good upper back (tarps) developer as those muscles don’t cross over the shoulder.
Best you can do is squeeze the shoulder blades together prior to the movement.

Best options are shrugging movements.

Even better options are pull downs or chin-ups.

Rows really only target the deltoids and to a smaller degree the lats
When you get older (50 over) less focus needs to be on the strength and muscle building but more on “the work” as the act of lifting creates the stimulus for serious improvement of everything we can’t see.
So if you’re into going to MMF probably once a week is plenty and if you’re into stopping short of it with multiple sets, then more frequency is required.
Yeah I think for some, but the emphasis should not necessarily be for building.
As with everything we all react differently to lifting I just sayin to be wary of it and that if one way stops working try another…

Maybe cycle “the work” some days push a little harder, but pushing a little harder shortens the duration of the workout if you want to maintain “the work”
Keeping in mind that recovery between workouts might need an extra day or two.


Packing a Huge Member
I do find that, in lazy mood, I’ll go heavy and low reps, less taxing on the lungs, more of a half arsed workout.
On a good day, more reps on lighter weights, I do feel it’s the more beneficial work out.
Better pump and feel like I did some good for the CV system.
On a charged day, go heavy and then follow up with reps.
This I can feel is good for the whole body.
The work

When a neophyte starts to workout (usually multiple sets/volume high) the work is high, has to be high, the intensity of work is somewhat extreme for him as he’s never experienced anything like it, this stimulates extremely fast growth over a short period of time.
This growth will the stop to a halt, so the trainee believes more is better which results in an overtrained state and then starts to regress finally gives up after changing exercises and or doing more .


Packing a Huge Member
True, a noob will often make rapid progress and receive compliments regarding their changed physical appearance in as little as 3 months, at six months the honeymoon is over.
So what does he do to keep progress up?