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What YOU achieved this year (2011)


Time to look at the goals, and where you got to.

Personally, I wanted to add a few kgs of muscle mass (scales-wise) and maybe trim some bodyfat %. I achieved neither to the level I had set (according to my DEXA and the scales) - and instead have moved only inches in regards to the actual figures I forecast.

But, looking in the mirror, I'm more than happy where I got to after 12 months worth of work and my photos prove I'm doing well. Just need to keep focussed next year, and keep doing the simple things, regularly.

How about you?


Personally -
strength wise - Ive got my strength up and obtained a few lifting records this year.
Physique wise - Dieted to 9% Bf while retaining a 71kg LBM. last year my LBM was 65kg@same bodyfat. So a bit pleased with myself
2012 - looking at 75-80kg LBM and a 500 total.

Proffesionally -
Ive finally opened PTC and doing what i always wanted. hopefully the gym will grow rapidly and i can quit my day job in front of a PC. Training people and helping them achieve their goals. Even if next year i dont achieve all mine and helped 50 others achieve theirs ill be over the moon.

Personally - My first child arrived into the world. This cannot be topped with anything ive done. She is the everything to me
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Goal was to lose 5kgs and lost 30kgs.
Goal was to rejoin aerobics groups and got caught in crossfit :)
At my lowest body weight since I was 14yrs old

Nominated for a Fitness First award, winners announced soon :)
Travelled to NZ, went in a volcano
Bought a car with air conditioning:)
My little dog broke her back in august and it has been nearly full time care to bring her back to independence

Promoted at work.....

Thats about it!
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Squat Rack Pro Curler
Goals -

PL stuff:
Squat 200kg - got 210
Deadlift 200+ - got 220
bench 120+ - got 130 :D

Other stuff
Stay under 90kg - just.... sitting around 85/86

canned tuna

Physically -
weight from 65 to 72 kg without sacrificing leanness
strength improvements across the board
adopted regular fitness training as a big lifestyle improvement
Recovered from lung surgery and haven't looked back

Professionally -
Moved into a junior accounts role from sales. The foot is in the door
Organised university studies in accounting

Personally -
Re-acquired assets from two house robberies
Strengthened and gained friendships, trimmed the excess fat.
Recovered from abruptly having to find new living arrangements, now doing it again
Caught a kingfish over 30 pounds :)
Developing a great relationship

Life ain't so bad, when you have a broader view


Private Dancer
Physically - not as good as 2010...injury at start of the year put things on hold for a few months. Got back on track second half of year, but need to ramp it up another level next year.

Professionally - all good, best job I've ever had, nice fat pay rise, travel everywhere, no complaints baby!

Personally - second child arrived, very cute little fella. I don't think I've ever been more content in my life. We had almost 8 years with just one child, and it just feels so much more of a family unit with 2 kids. Looking forward to so many good times ahead!


The official ghetto booty
lifting goal; to get the sub junior squat and dl records (83's)
attempted a squat @ 160 but got 2 reds for double dipping. (record being 160)
dl 182.5 (record 187.5)

professionally; finished school, secured a place in tafe, got a carpentry apprenticeship ready to go. start my pre-app in feb next year
got a job at a local charcoal chicken shop

personally; ever so slowly losing fat mass as i gain weight from lifting (wanting to stay in 83's). getting more self confident as i look a little better.


Well-known member
Was aiming for PTC beginner levels of 100/140/180.
Got 108/140 (142.5 attempt tomorrow :p) & 185.

Very happy with that.

13 muscle ups in a row. Half way to the world record.

Trained in Thailand doing Muay Thai was an experience.

Coming back from a torn hip flexor/groin & ac joint ligament damage were my biggest hurdles this year which put a stop to my mma training.

Switched from 6 meals a day to LG style IF. Haven't looked back.

Looking forward to 2012!


Weighing in 2kg lighter than January this year but with a fk tonne more muscle.
Raised my squat 55kg.
Raised my deadlift 50kg.
Raised my bench 12.5kg (if i make 150kg tonight it will be a 27.5kg increase).
So increased my total by 117.5kg so far!
Recovered from a lower back injury and also an elbow injury and have since increased the amount im lifting.

Went on a plane for the first time in my life.
Went to Victoria for a holiday.
Competed in my first Powerlifting comp where i set PB's on all 3 lifts.
Moved into a much nicer place with my GF.
Ordered a home gym which will help take my training to the next level.

Won an award for Exceptional Customer Service.
Possible promotion in the works (currently doing the work but not official yet).


No I'm not cambodian
Well I didn't set any real concrete goals, but I did want to change many things in my life.

The first was to quit my old job: I had been doing it for a many years and worked my way up in an industry that is renowned for crap money and conditions (hospitality), so even though I was a manager, I earned shit all and worked way to much, enough to affect my family life. So I musted up the courage to quit, it was tough finacially for a while, but I saved my marriage and spend way more time with the kids.

Second thing was starting again, I got a couple of part-time jobs, than I got into university as a 31yr old bloke. I am studying a business degree and hope to one day work in financial accounting, time will tell.

Third thing was to get healthier. This was by far the hardest thing, I have lost 25kg and feel much better. I now have a love for the iron game and can honestly say thanks to all of you guys on hear for giving me motivation and encouragement to continue my journey.

Lastly, the goal of doing all of the above was to enjoy life more, be happier etc. I can say for certain that I am so glad I did this as I have changed my life for the better, I am happier, feel good about myself and my self esteem is great. I had an up and down year in 2011, but overall it has finished quite well, money is a bit tighter these days but I don't care as much about it and feel like I'm moving on in life.
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Well I didn't set any real concrete goals, but I did want to change many things in my life.< LARGE SNIP>

I had an up and down year in 2012, but overall it has finished quite well, money is a bit tighter these days but I don't care as much about it and feel like I'm moving on in life.

Wow - now there's a good news story I enjoyed reading.

Kudos, sir.


Private Dancer
Rambo, you should be an example to all the people out there who are too afraid or too lethargic to turn around the things in their life that make them unhappy. Well done mate!


No I'm not cambodian
Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.

Now bring on 2012 to get my body in order, I will post my pics on the 1st of Jan for the 2012 transformation challenge. First time in many years that I am looking forward to the year ahead. :eek:


New member
my goal was basically to pull myself out of bed, off the couch and get living again. i was in a massive hole after my dad died in late 2010, and it took until may 2011 until i was ready to start healing.

Professionally - i wanted more money. and i got it! promotion announced at work today. 10k pay rise, so i'm fucking chuffed about that. management role under 30 is extremely uncommon

Personally - i wanted to get to know my new secret side of the family, support my brother and my stepmum after dads death, and to keep being in a rad marriage.

Physically - i wanted to feel better about myself, and i'm walking pretty tall these days. i feel tough, strong, and confident. i've got a long way to go - i want to get to 75 kilos and i've not had any significant weight loss since the middle of the year, and i've only had a few cms here and there since september. but i started. and i've stuck to it, and thats the biggest battle i reckon - sticking to it even when it feels like its not working or worth it, coz in the long term it is worth it and it will work.

Goals for 2012 - i want to drop 10kg. i want to squat 100 comfortably, i want to lift 140. i want to smash the beep test. i want to take up boxing or mma. i want to get more tattoos. i want to buy a bmw x1. i want to adopt a baby.


Every weight that I maxed out on in the last week of December, I did for sets of 5+ this year. I did 1x110kg squat, 1x72.5kg bench and 1x115kg deadlift. This year I've squatted 5x117.5kg, benched 5x75kg, and deadlifted 1x140kg in may, then 5x137.5kg in August, I think. I've also learned recently how to get under the bar in the clean, instead of doing that shoddy xfit thing where you basically just do a power clean + front squat and call it a clean.

I've also gained 10kg between December and September, and cut 5kg again between September and now.


extra crispy
training wise - not much, i didnt get too far with my lifts but did drop some bodyfat and gained some endurance.

personal life - got married, probably worked too hard, 6-7 days a week which affected my training and social life but helped position us well financially.


New member
Main goals for 2011 were to get back into the gym seriously, find a new job and settle down a bit as 2010 was a huge year (wedding, European holiday, interstate travel).
Well... gym did not happen for most of this year as I got hit by a speeding car in the first week of January, I've only just recently scored the new job (as in a week ago) and life has been anything but settled - my family dramas could be an award-winning TV soap.

However I see my recovery, recent strength gains and motivation for training as a big achievement in itself so I am happy to end the year alive and able to do what I am doing, even if it has been a slow process.

i want to adopt a baby.
That's huge! As in, an underprivileged baby from a third world country, or...?
Sorry if that's too personal for a public thread, however I am curious! :)


New member
I got over a full knee reco the best thing that has happened as it slowed me down and got me going to the gym .
To spend more time with the family again thanks to the reco i did there's a lot more to life than work .
To build a house should be finished in march fingers crossed here is a pic of the front

Here is the floor plan we can't wait till we move in

To find a project car witch I did its a 1965 f100 found a body sitting in a Shed and a chassis is off an 1970 Effie this is what I want it to look like when its done