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Recent content by Oilucy

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    Good quality gym clothes question - Aim'n Oceania, Nimble, Jaggad....

    I'd really love some feedback from anyone who owns any of the above brands. I have always bought Nike leggings as they fit so well and I can buy them locally but I recently decided to buy a pair of Nimble tights online and love them just as much. Another 1 or 2 pairs of leggings wouldn't go...
  2. O

    Best online PT courses?

    My partners daughter is wanting to do a PT course. We live in regional NSW so whatever course she does would need to be online with prac undertaken at a local gym. Which are the most recognized courses and which courses are the ones to avoid? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Isobag meal system

    Does anyone use one of these or similar? My partner works 12 hour shifts and is away 14 hours at a time including travel. Thinking of getting one for him as currently I pack his food into a number of loose containers and he is piled high with containers and protein bars and bottles as he walks...
  4. O

    Evolve Anabolic Injection

    Hey everyone Feel like I'm in a bit of a rut with my body and at the gym atm so revamping my workouts, reassessing my diet and have resumed taking supplements which I have always done until recently. However, I just purchased Anabolic Injection and now I'm worried I bought the wrong thing...
  5. O

    Squats are getting me down

    I've been doing squats for about 6 months now. I always steered clear of them as I thought my form was all wrong, until my PT encouraged me to do them and said my form was perfect which gave me lots of encouragement to give them a go, I started with 5kg each side plus the bar. 6 months later I...
  6. O

    Thoughts re a guy at my gym

    My gym is a pretty friendly and social place. Like many people, I generally go there at the same time on the same days and have made a few new friends - both male and female. A couple of the girls and I are now really good friends. There are also a couple of guys that I'm friends with, one in...
  7. O

    What are your favourite exercises?

    I'm about to tweak a new routine and would love to hear from others, out of interest, what are your fave move that really get results? Mine include: Squats Incline leg press (one legged to target glutes a bit more) Hanging back raise with weights Hip thrust (with bench) Hanging leg lift Sent...
  8. O

    Best underwear for the gym

    Ok girls I need some help here. I wear tight black gym pants and am concerned that you can see the outline of my knickers through them. I use to buy seam free ones which were comfortable and you couldn't see a thing but can't find now. Is there a brand or style others recommend? Sent from...
  9. O

    Has anyone tried Bombshell preworkout before?

    I generally don't go overboard with pre workouts but as I work two jobs during the day and one of an evening sometimes i get those days where I need a pick me up before my workout. Up until now I was using some sachets I bought at the gym but they no longer sell them. Have Heard good reviews...
  10. O

    What do you eat after a workout when trying to lose weight?

    I am trying to drop 3-5kg and am predominantly doing weight training with cardio (interval sprints) mixed in. The sprints are either as short session after a weights session or a longer session on a day by itself that I am not doing any weights. My problem is that I am starving after I do...
  11. O

    The weight is just not coming off...

    I am a 39 y/o mother to four children, the youngest who is 4 1/2 the oldest almost 14. I am 167cm, 58kg and 18.5% BF and am carrying some extra BF around my belly and hips which appeared mainly after the arrival of #4 and is refusing to budge! I would really appreciate if there is anyone out...
  12. O

    Anyone tried Shredtime from ASN?

    ASN were promoting this on FB recently and I'm wondering whether anyone here can verify that its as good as they make out. It is supposed to help you sleep better and burn BF whilst you sleep. Sounds too good to be true if you ask me!
  13. O

    Cheapest WPI online?

    Up until recently I was buying from No Bull but given the controversy regarding their protein levels I'm thinking about changing. What other WPIs are available online that won't break the bank? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  14. O

    Post workout supplements to aid muscle recovery

    Just wondering what everyone is using to assist sore muscles? On the whole I generally take minimal supplements but I do have creatine pre-workout and a protein shake post workout. Have just started taking BCAA's pre workout too but so far havent noticed any real difference (its been about a...
  15. O

    Do you lift weights slowly or quickly?

    Just wondering what others do in regards to the speed at which they lifte weights using pin machines. The first PT I ever had told me to always lift slowly, which I have always followed. I've noticed recently though that a lot of people (both male and female) lift weight quite quickly in...