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New member
Hey everyone
Feel like I'm in a bit of a rut with my body and at the gym atm so revamping my workouts, reassessing my diet and have resumed taking supplements which I have always done until recently.
However, I just purchased Anabolic Injection and now I'm worried I bought the wrong thing...
Looking to lose some body fat and increase muscle - ideally I'd like to lose about 3-5kg.
I've started running about 2km a day and am doing 4-5 weight sessions per week.
Is the Anabolic Injection ok for what I am trying to achieve?
I keep hearing about Hydroxy Pro but I'm caffeine sensitive and can get migraines so need to be a little careful.
Also purchased Pyro preworkout to give myself a boost.
Would love some feedback....

PS I can identify why I'm in a rut - I'm renovating a 100 year old house that I'm not yet living in but trying to move into ASAP so that I can stop paying a mortgage AND rent (I've spent the last 2 months renovating so far during which time my exercising has suffered), plus I work full time and have 4 children. Needing to be at house so much in the main has resulted in me missing my normal gym sessions, lots of late nights trying to catch up on office work and in general suffering from a lack of sleep and energy. There is light at the end of the tunnel as we should be moving in in four weeks time but regardless of that any suggestions re supplements and ways to give myself a boost would be hugely appreciated.


Fucked up Kunce
That's OK then. Just use it after your weights sessions. How many cals per serve? It may contain lots of sugars.


Well-known member
You are beating a dead horse. Stop it.

OK, I understand what you are trying to do as I am going through something similar now. But loading up on stimulants is going to kick you in the butt in the long run. Your body will adapt pretty quickly and you will have to take more and more to get a lesser result. Like crack addicts.

Normally I would just suggest a cup of coffee before or during workout. Thats all thats needed. But since you have a problem with caffeine maybe just use a non stimulant pre workout without all the crap that some have. Bulk Nutrients have a non caffeine version.

But here is the best possible pre workout for you right now. Ready?

8 hours sleep. 9 is better. It will work for all the other stuff going on in your life as well. Not as sexy as popping a pill but it will cure your ills. It will take effort to organise but then just let everyone know that mommy is sick and if they want to live a long a fruitful life they better let her get her night nights. Its surprising what you can do when you put something as a priority and put your foot down.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Do as woody says and get some more rest. Don't go looking for magical pills or formulas.

If it's only 4 weeks until you move in, just ride it out. Continue to train where you can but don't stress about it. Take it up a notch when you've moved and have more time.


Punxsutawney resident
Your body will adapt pretty quickly and you will have to take more and more to get a lesser result. Like crack addicts.