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  1. K

    Any advice for really really weak people?

    I'm very weak. I work up a sweat and get fatigued using machines on the lowest weight available. I've been living a sedentary life for a lttle over a decade. However, I'm not sure if that accounts for how weak I am/feel. Maybe I've got something wrong medically, but nothing has shown up in...
  2. Goosey

    Gut check back to basics

    I'm a big fan of Japanese Pro-Wrestling. I got into it years ago from reading Dave Meltzer's awesome Wrestling Observer Newsletter(I think I started subscribing to WON in 1984 and have been reading it ever since). In Japan Pro-Wrestling is one of their major sports... there's Sumo and there's...
  3. Shrek


    What leads someone to share a nude selfie with a virtual stranger? 'I would sleep with a knife under my bed': The reality of living with sextortion - ABC News https://apple.news/ASW4SKyE6Q-OZ1xsIRB6UAg
  4. A

    Nataliya Trukhina

    Among people I am most known as Nataliya Trukhina, which is my maiden name. I was born in the Russian city of Chita 1’st of July 1991, and I am now living in Moscow. I started training in the Gym when I was 14 years old and weighed only 37 kilos (81 lbs) - a very tiny girl. However my training...
  5. A

    Those of you who have switched to a home Gym, how's it working out?

    Those of you who have switched to a home Gym, how's it working out?
  6. F

    How good was the NBA Finals

    Any ballers around here? I loved this years finals, I was in disspear looking down the barrel of gsw winning back to back championship. Credit to LeBron rallying the troops and making history.
  7. Fadi

    Camel Milk

    Tried a bit this morning. The price has come down my wife tells me; it's only $25/L, down from $100/L not long ago. First impression; I found it too much on the salty side, not in a nice way (like salted nuts for example). It's touted to have all these different benefits of which controlling...
  8. J

    Golds Bondi

    Well today I went and trained for the first time in not far off a year. had been thinking about getting back into the gym now I have my lfea bit more sorted and what with Golds opening in bondi I figured that was a good time to start. Got to say this gym is a pretty big disappointment (i had...
  9. J

    breakdown of a beautful relationship

    Oh boy fellas. Where do I start. I was posting in here a while back under jmc123. Long story short. I met the love of my life (or so I thought) back in August 2014. We dated seriously for several months before getting engaged in December that same year. It just felt right. I knew I loved her...
  10. WoodyAllen

    Chromium Picolinate and cancer

    Ok. Everything causes cancer, but I have always been wary of chromium supps. Chromium was one of the major contaminants that were found at the infamous Love Canal site in New York. Lots of cancer cases came up after a new housing development was planted on a toxic waste dump. Well, the land was...
  11. Fadi

    Convicted paedophile and diabetic Rolf Harris in hospital after chocolate binge...

    http://www.smh.com.au/world/convicted-paedophile-and-diabetic-rolf-harris-in-hospital-after-chocolate-binge-reports-20151113-gkyvm6.html Capital punishment debating aside for now, I say why not a daily public flogging (or similar punishment) for such sub-humans! To simply provide (a living free...
  12. A

    Thanks for all your donations

    Thanks for all the donations sent in by the members. let's keep Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding alive by making it the best most productive site in the bodybuilding community. Despite what people believe Ausbb- Australian Bodybuilding is not a cash cow, I'm not living on some tropical island...
  13. O

    Evolve Anabolic Injection

    Hey everyone Feel like I'm in a bit of a rut with my body and at the gym atm so revamping my workouts, reassessing my diet and have resumed taking supplements which I have always done until recently. However, I just purchased Anabolic Injection and now I'm worried I bought the wrong thing...
  14. A

    Transgender military chief forced to wear a woman’s uniform despite living as a man f

    Transgender military chief forced to wear a woman’s uniform despite living as a man for five years OVER the last decade, Sergeant Shane Ortega has served three combat tours — two as a woman and one as a man. Ortega was born female but has lived as a man for five years. However under current...
  15. A

    Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the 'Terminator'

  16. Shrek

    The Lowdown On Drugs - Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out

    Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out In bodybuilding there’s no more contentious issue than drug use exacerbated by the variety of conflicting advice being spread through the Internet. That’s why we went to these living legends of the sport, all of whom are long since retired, to...
  17. Grunta

    Any kunce have a concave TV?

    As per the title, has anyone got one I them fancy curved screens? If yes, good? If so why good? Gimmick? Why? I looked at one today with matching curved soundbar, shmick fuken. If I had more time it would have come home with me, but I haven't researched them or the going price so didn't want to...
  18. B

    Sustainable lifestyle and drug intake

    So it is possible I lead the unhealthiest lifestyle in the world and because I am extremely paranoid I never tell my dr's (note the use of plurals) the truth. So I have turned to bb boards for my medical advice. here goes it- train with weights twice a week, twice a week take a pt 'class'...
  19. spartacus

    deadlift article concerning rounded back

  20. A

    Mum’s naked Twister sex party

    A MUM has been arrested for throwing a naked Twister party for her teenage daughter and friends before having sex with one of them. Rachel Lehnardt, according to Colombia County Sheriff’s Office, said her 16-year-old daughter texted her and asked if she could bring some friends to her home to...