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Recent content by Oli

  1. O

    Digital scales (for food)

    Does anyone know of a good set of digital scales thats accurate and easy to use? don't mind too much about price.
  2. O

    Amending language rules

    I want to be able to say c.u.n.t. It's endearing rather than derogatory: "where you little ****s headed?" "leave em alone josh, they're just two little ****s trying to have a good time" We allow fuck so surely **** could pass.
  3. O

    The legend of kindred

    Kindred 'the myth' is one of the two great autistics of ausbb. whatever happened to him?
  4. O

    Gym attire

    Me: - Bonds socks and knickers - Mosh shorts - Chucks (black) When boxing: - Morgan mexi wraps (white) - Morgan Professional Gloves 16oz (black) When Lifting: - Outbak belt (ditching this shit) Phaggytime. You go boys!
  5. O

    Ryan Kennelly gonna get raped

  6. O

    Rings coming out of my rubber coated plates - how to fix

    I have a set of muscle motion adjustable dumbbells but on a few plates the rings are coming out. Is there anyway to somehow glue them back and get them to stay in? I thought about superglue but I'm concerned it will rot the rubber. Don't have the money for a fixed set right now, need your help...
  7. O

    Strong is STRONG!

    YouTube - Jeff Joyce squats1000 lbs for the EPF USA New powerlifting fed EPS!
  8. O

    Bodybuilding and photoshop

    I'm getting really bitter about lifting of late. Its something I love to do, but the amount of bullshit in it is amazing. This is nick edge. Up until 2 days ago I thought he was one of the most impressive guys on bb.com - sponsored by controlled labs, among the top 6 of bb.com's most visited...
  9. O

    If I were 16-18 and starting training...

    This goes out to buncey and a few other new guys on here. Philosophy: - I'd stay away from muscle mags, gym bros, supplement stores and anyone else that had something to sell me - I'd know that a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, and I'd fight everyday to get an extra 2.5kg on my squat, bench...
  10. O

    Elite FTS Bringing the Lulz

    YouTube - Elite FTS: UGSS My kinda gym.
  11. O

    Reading list

    Getting serious about my diet. Last night I ordered the following: - Jamie Hale, Knowledge and Nonsense - Alan Aragon, Girth Control - Lyle McDonald, Ultimate Diet 2.0 - Lyle McDonald, Stubborn Fat Solution And am reading any article I can find from Layne Norton. No bro science, no bath...
  12. O

    What are you getting next?

    Those with advanced home gyms only. 'ima get everything' novices and having to explain power racks gets tedious. Whats next on your to get list? Me: - A garage with a high roof and lots of space (lol) - A 1500lb MM beater bar and 180kg more plates (more 25s and I wanna replace the faggy...
  13. O


  14. O

    Changes at Westside

    By Dave Tate at EFTS.com Dave Tate- I hear alot about the old style of westside training. Can you explain what differences are opposed to today's style of westside? There is only a small group of people who can tell you what is being done at Westside today and this only includes those who...
  15. O

    New section

    Can we do a new section called Gym Equipment? I'm finding we're answering the same sort of questions a lot of times and theyre cluttering up the bodybuilding section. I was thinking it would make a really good subsection for 'General Fitness', assuming its visible from the main page.