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Recent content by pumpiniron

  1. pumpiniron

    Cheat days,excess calories and b.m.r thoughts?

    There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat yer? So if you ate 7000 calories over maintenance level in 1 day you would gain 2 pounds of fat? This is what i thought but i dont see this to be the case,atleast not with me. I weigh 70 kilos and few days ago i had a massive cheat day, 1 jar of peanut...
  2. pumpiniron

    more on high the benefits of high intensity/volume training.

    Adhering to Real World Principles: Understanding Max Load Training Some time ago Aristotle made the salient point that although methods are many, principles are few. What a seminal point. But what I see is that these “methods’ are so varied that they are violating key fundamental principles...
  3. pumpiniron

    high intensity training over str part 2

    The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma: The Size Principle and Real-World Training Implications (Part II) In Part I I gave a deliberate rundown of the endless debate in the fitness industry over which type of training is better: 1) Train for low rep strength and size and development will come...
  4. pumpiniron

    High intensity training over str, for muscle gains.

    The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma: One Last Time (Part 1) Development. That is the goal of modern bodybuilding and cosmetic physique enhancement. I think I know a little bit about this. At my first contest I weighed in at 154lbs in 1983. By 1987, I won the Great Lakes Classic at a bodyweight...
  5. pumpiniron

    Molly mcbutter cheese sprinkles? ok through aussie customs?

    Molly McButter Cheese Sprinkles 3 bottles | eBay Mate over in america, has this non stop on his egg whites and shit....... he reckons it is the fuckin bomb..... This may me a stupid question cause i am very unaware of aussie customs and so on..... but would they let this in?. Thanx If so im...
  6. pumpiniron

    what are peoples oppinions on bulking/cutting for the beginner or where someone is at

    Obviouslly someone that is skinny needs to bulk and for a long period of time, so they can have the muscle mass to support A cutting/ sculpting resume. But How do you feel about people that start of skinny/fat, you know the ones that are skinny/small but still have a fair bit of body fat *the...
  7. pumpiniron

    Training for size, studys heavily supports training with higher intensity/reps.

    Body "types" suited for bodybuilding, weight lifting, and powerlifting are much more distinct than people realize. However each can use a viable Hybrid form of training, borrowing from each other to enhance any of the goals relevant to each pursuit. So of course bodybuilders still squat etc, as...
  8. pumpiniron

    Calorie free, dressings,toppings and syrips if your interested.

    This was reccomended to me by a mate. https://www.waldenfarms.com.au/# Everything is near calorie free, something for those that are cutting and are sick of eating plain old rice and broccoli with nothing on it..... I know i am. I just ordered a variety of there stuff so i will let you all...
  9. pumpiniron

    Opinions on the cycle diet or in other words (super compensation diet)

    Invented by Scott Abel. Scott abel says the cycle diet is much better and provides faster results then the Bulking up/cutting cycles people do year round. This is how it is done. You eat in a calorie deficit until you get very lean. Then for 6 days a week you continue eating in a calorie...
  10. pumpiniron

    Anyone ever heard of this guy? (trainer)

    Scott Abel Personal Fitness Coaching, One Time Diet & Custom Workout Programs - Scott Abel $1500 jesus christ. My mate at work told me about this site because his brother was bodybuilding for years and getting nowhere until he started getting coached by this guy and in a short time started to...
  11. pumpiniron

    How many calories over maintenance is acceptable for good gains?

    So when i started bulkign a few months ago i started off eating 500 calories over maintenance, which was 3500. The first 4 weeks all my lifts were going up really well, for example my bench press went from 30 kilo dumbells to 35 kilo dumbells in 1 month then i plateud so i upped the calories to...
  12. pumpiniron

    Thinking of mega dosing vitamin B5 to cure my acne help?

    Ive tried fuckin everything for acne, to the point where i stopped using anything and just shower 2-3 times a day. Sometimes my skin clears up for a short period but then i get bad breakouts on my chest or back. Ive been reading up and have seen that alot of people have been mega dosing vitamin...
  13. pumpiniron

    Stupidest shit you have heard *bodybuilding related*

    This blog is about stupid retarded shit you have heard from people that have no idea what there talking about *which has pissed you off*
  14. pumpiniron

    This may be a stupid question but...

    On sunday i weighed 83.5 kilos and after my workout today i weighed myself and i weighed 86 kilos. I thought wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this just water retention ?
  15. pumpiniron

    Proactive fucked my skin help?

    I know this should be on a skincare website but i just wondered if anyone here with any knowledge could help thanx. My face is usually not bad with acne, just a couple under my chin sometimes. I started using vitamin e moisturizer cause i thought it would help with skin tone, anyway i started...