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Recent content by Swervyn-Ervyn

  1. Swervyn-Ervyn


    Anyone tried or know of anyone having success with ogus' program, it looks like a higher volume wendler mixed with smolov kinda Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Wrists are fucked..

    Is this normal? I feel it probably is, I just had good flexibility from oly lifting, but now that I just train for strength they are shit.. Don't hurt when I'm benching or anything in particular, just front squats and general life
  3. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Fuckin worst

    Having a fucking dog of a squat session.... Feels way heavier than it is! Hopefully bench will be better after.. Just ranting Fuck this shit
  4. Swervyn-Ervyn


    I recently changed my bench technique after attending a seminar. It feels better on my shoulders and I feel stronger but I'm nnoticing on days where I deadlift after I'm pretty sore through Tye back from arching more.. Will that go away? Will I just get used to it? Cheers
  5. Swervyn-Ervyn


    Does anyone here ever really struggle for motivation? I'm struggling hard lately.. I have struggle sticking to a program, I am probably about 5+ kg over what I consider to be myself in good shape, I do want to get back in shape, but I over eat on rubbish most days.. I don't really know where my...
  6. Swervyn-Ervyn

    AFL Thread

  7. Swervyn-Ervyn


    Hey, has anyone had much expernece with DUP programming? When I stopped with oly lifting and had a break for the headaches and injuries to go away, I ran I linear starting strength type gig for about 4 weeks, then I made up a variant which basically has a 7s day, a 5s day and a 2/3 day... I ran...
  8. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Making weight

    I train about 5kg higher than I compete.. Those who drop weight, what have you found to be the best way in terms of maintaining performance? Drop a couple then some sort of manipulation? Slow and steady the whole way? Tell me you secrets... Inb4 cut off a limb, I'm not going down that path
  9. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Shoulder impingement

    Shit shoulder brahs, there a lot of you... For a while, after my training sessions, I do a few sets of pull ups and push ups, my shoulders have struggled for a while now! I can't do any presses etc, but doing oly lifting I still do get over head work in though snatch, jerk etc.. Anyway, I've...
  10. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Post up what you are eating

    Dat uncle Ben, and his Mexican rice mix... Thanks kunt
  11. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Post up what you are eating

    It is, and it's mint!!! Did the double..... What's a macro? I don't own one... Pancake manor regular stack
  12. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Post up what you are eating

    Going for it with dat-dere pancake Sunday
  13. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Post up what you are eating

    These are mint!!!
  14. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Post up what you are eating

    Lunch on the go True boring kunt style
  15. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Linear progression

    Just a quick one, Since a little bit of an Achilles issue, I've been trying to get my squat back up, I've been following 3x5 BS(M&F) and 5x3 FS(W) I have stalled at a similar number twice in a row, I have a program to go back onto, that's more for WLers.. Though with some things going on I...