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  1. Stiff 2G

    Great moments in Powerlifting history

    Other than the time 0ni kicked over the podium at a CAPO meet (I wasn't his Manager then). Let's hear em!
  2. 0ni

    The perfect rep

    Goosey; what is the perfect rep
  3. X

    Travelling into Australia with TRT

    Hi All, I´m new here. First post... I´ll be travelling to Australia next year...I currently live in Europe. I self prescribe TRT and I was wondering of the laws and implications of bringing into the country? If it is taken off me I dont want to be in a situation where I am left without my...
  4. 0ni

    Unless you compete, 250mg of Testosterone a week will give you everything you need

  5. spartacus

    2015 GPC Nationals

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q-zhr9BHqI Just saw Oni squat 250kg. He was very excited with his lift.
  6. 0ni

    The 0ni diet

    Thought I'd fully document my diet principles for you guys. I have things pretty fine tuned now and have a good client base to test things out with so I am very confident that this method works well for the vast majority of people. General principles Carbs are fairly low, protein on the higher...
  7. cunniff1981

    Oni 270kg deadlift!

    I saw Oni deadlift yesterday at the strengthquest that I was helping out at. I was very impressed to see him smash out a 270kg deadlift beltless at 75kg (give or take on the body weight). And before people complain oh but it would be one of those Deadlift bars and that adds 60kg to your lift, it...
  8. S

    Misc Steroid Thread

  9. A

    Is functional training better than Crossfit?

    IT’S got a legion of celebrity fans including Nicole Richie and Ricky Martin and now this fitness training style is garnering a cult following across the country. High intensity interval training (HIIT) are the exercise buzzwords of the moment. New scientific research...
  10. L

    My shredding for stereo journey

    Thought i would put this here if anybody is interested. On the 8th of December i weighed in at 89.9kg, i was fat, there is no other way to say it, i was making great strength gains having squatted 275kg without wraps in single ply, 130kg raw bench etc. on a seefood diet. I decided to go on...
  11. S


    23 years of age, 72kg and 250kg deadlift. Is 0ni our next World Record Holder? 250kg 2nd attempt - YouTube
  12. 0ni

    Ribcage expansion

    Lets get a ribcage expansion thread going. I am very interested in this. I know Silverback; will have some good thoughts on this. I purchased Dr. Kelso's shrug book to get all the information that I need. I decided upon the 20 rep pullovers and chest flies. Now, he recommends using 10kg for...
  13. 0ni

    0ni's diet log

    So national push/pull is in December, so it's time to get shredded for it! Pictures will come soon. My diet is Jamie Lewis' Apex Predator diet. So for me this will mainly be beef stew and roast chicken as I am northern European and these are what I would have eaten in nature. The stew will be...
  14. 0ni

    Psychoactive and Entheogenic Plants

    Anyone here grow their own psychoactive and entheogenic plants? I will be planting some acacia acuminata when I get back to Australia, which is the plant that contains the highest levels of DMT in Australia. I also have some salvia divinorum which is great for the first time grower as you get...
  15. 0ni

    0ni's 2013 mutation

    Alright I don't lift for bodybuilding but I thought I may as well put these up here These pics are from December Yes these are terrible quality
  16. R


    G'day all, long time lurker very rare poster however have come across a mental block... Basically I feel like I'm not squatting enough. I'm following the beginner strength programme as best I can (not really good at consistent frequency of training, I'll have a great week the. Go on day shift...
  17. 0ni

    Critique my glutes

    As the title suggests i am having troubles when i squat my knees come in. Am i right in thinking that the glutes are pretty strong external rotators and if my knees are coming in its more me not using my glutes when im squatting than a weakness in the glutes? Whats the best cue for squatting...
  18. O

    N-O Explode, BSN

    Hi Everybody. Has anyone used this product, N-O Explode http://www.bsnonline.net/info/noxplode.html I am waiting for an order of this supp to arrive in the next day or two. What do you think of it and how do you use it, load it like creatine or just serve before workout. I dont eat red meat...
  19. nazzysmith

    BIll star on training with a hang over

    Lolz.... Interesting read... Starting Strength: Article
  20. 0ni