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  1. Shrek

    Insults not tolerated

    Hey people, Not going to put up with insults or crap posting anymore. Too much of it lately. Don’t whinge if your post is deleted. Today has been better. Keep it that way please.
  2. S

    Sumo Deadlifts on Leg day???

    Anyone tried Sumo Deadlifts on Leg day as part of a BB routine? When you think about it, a Sumo Deadlift (or a "Powerlifting cheats Deadlift") takes out a lot of the Back and works the Legs and Glutes more. Bit like a Jefferson Squat but not as awkward.
  3. A

    Phil Heaths back lat spread progression throughout the years

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  4. A

    Lee Priest's ridiculous back aged 18

  5. A

    General NFL Football Discussion Thread

    The 2015 schedule www.nfl.com/schedules Good summary here:http://www.usatoday.com/sports/nfl/
  6. Goosey

    Some serious snatch, on snatch action

  7. A

    Roelly Winklaar shows his offseason gains 2013 Gun Show in Curacao

  8. A

    Epic Weight Lifting Fail Compilation 2013

    seems like injuries don't just happen in crossfit
  9. A

    Most competitive mr olympia in history 2013 | prejudging + finals

    Mr Olympia 2013 Full | Prejudging + Finals + Awards Bodybuilding's most prestigious award Kai greene vs phil heath vs jay cutler vs big ramy World's best step down to compete for the Sandow Mr Olympia 2014 Arnold Classic 2014 New York Pro 2014
  10. A

    Fitness Inspiration Of The Day – The Best Ripped And Shredded Male Bodies Of 2013!

    All of the guys featured are competitors in Men’s Fitness, Muscle Model or Men’s Physique categories, and/or magazine cover models. The final ranking was based on competition placings, combined with views, likes and comments on the Fit Media Channel. They chose not to feature bodybuilders on...
  11. A

    Crossfit Isabel 135lb barbell snatch 30 reps for time DEC 4 2013

  12. A

    World powerlifting championship 2013 from Stavanger, Norway

    World powerlifting championship 2013 from Stavanger, Norway Featuring Carl Yngvar Christensen among the rest of the elite, and several world-records. World Powerlifting Championships 2013 Stavanger (120+) Part 1/2 - YouTube
  13. Bench Polkov

    2013 IPF Commonwealth/Oceania Champs

    Live streams available here: Commonwealth & Oceania Powerlifting & Benchpress C on USTREAM: With over 500 nominations this will be New Zealand's biggest ever Powerlifting event, to be ... I'm competing in bench only tomorrow at 1:30pm QLD time if anybody wants to watch me dump a bar on my face.
  14. A

    Pop Danthology 2013 - Mashup of 68 songs!

    Pop Danthology 2013 - Mashup of 68 songs! - YouTube
  15. B

    December 2013 Newsletter - our latest updates

    NEWSLETTER - DECEMBER 2013 Ok, it’s not a corny late night infomercial, we’re not offering you a 60 second plan to get those abdominals showing quick. Instead, through December our free promotion with orders over $250 is a free six pack of Muscle Food 101, our “all in one” Muscle Gainer...
  16. B

    November 2013 Newsletter - our latest updates

    NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 2013 An old favourite, but undoubtedly still one of the best choices for increasing test levels, and therefore strength and muscle size is D Aspartic Acid. Proven in studies to have significant effects on testosterone levels (increases of up to 42%), only 3.1g of D...
  17. A

    2013 Mr. Olympia Mens Finals & Awards

    0:00:06 Branch Warren 0:03:21 Cedric McMillan 0:07:27 Roelly Winklaar 0:11:35 Evan Centopani 0:15:01 Lionel Beyeke 0:18:21 Victor Martinez 0:22:03 Dennis Wolf 0:26:08 Toney Freeman 0:30:06 Steve Kuclo 0:33:28 Mamdouh Elsbbiay 0:36:15 Johnnie Jackson 0:40:20 Brandon Curry 0:44:18...
  18. spartacus

    2013 World Champs, weightlifting

    Anyone watching WC's weightlifting on foxtel. 63kg woman from Russia lifted 140kg clean and jerk. here are results thus far. Results by Events | International Weightlifting Federation
  19. Shrek

    NABBA 2013 Universe

    NABBA Universe 2013 - Men Overall with Lee Priest (AUS), Slavoj Bednar (CZE), Rodrigo Atis (BRA) and Stuart Garrington (ENG). Winner: Lee Priest sls53Q3Fghw Lee's Routine tGdkrt02YQs
  20. J

    2013 IFBB - Qld Championships

    Hi I took some (hopefully not too dodgy) videos at the competition yesterday and wanted to share them. I have a heap of photos (that I need to add maybe later) Hope the videos work out, Johnnie Jackson was HUGE. Amazing 54 kg loss (mum over 40 years also) - YouTube Pedro's Routine - IFBB...