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  1. Stiff 2G

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 ... 2021

    How's bout dem Swimmers aye Shrek
  2. Shrek

    Stan Efferding - Guest Posing

  3. Shrek

    The Art of Bodybuilding

  4. O

    SEDDS Liquid Delivery System + NADS

    A New Journey Begins! For over a year now Wicked Supplements has been in back and forth consultation and testing with several pharmaceutical giants. Yes that may sounds strange. How does our company get a foot in the door with these people? Well really it just came down to knowing the right...
  5. A

    1001 Muscle Building Tips

    1. Reps And Sets The most bascial term in bodybuilding is the rep. Rep is short for repetition and simply means peforming one complete movement of a given exercise. For esample if you were doing a flat barbell bench press it would mean lifting the bar off the rack, slowly lowering it to...
  6. spartacus

    A drug-free 525 pound bench press by a 93kg lifter in Australia

    PA raw classic will have one of world's best bench pressers, Dennis Cieri, lifting. And he lifts in drug tested feds. He currently holds IPF raw record with 232.5kg. I sure would like to go to a seminar by him Here is a 2006 interview with him Interview With Dennis Cieri | Powerlifting Watch