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  1. Stiff 2G

    Advancing on the Haka

    I used to love the Haka. Our Society is so female dominant with lies and manipulations a way of life, I used to say the Haka is so honest. Teams get fined if they advance on the Haka. But when Kiwis use throat slitting gestures, Adam Blair carrying a weapon advances on the other Team and one...
  2. A

    Adam muscles past his national rivals

    LOCAL bodybuilding star Adam Kouzounian says he is overwhelmed to have won a third national IFBB Heavyweight* Championship. The 32-year-old took home the title in the 90-100kg class at the weekend, after winning the Victorian title the previous week. Now the paramedic is eyeing off gaining a...
  3. harry1970

    Adam Goodes racially abused by 13 year old girl

    wow, this story was just amazing to watch unfold on live tv. I have to admire Goodes for his stance since, saying he doesn't blame the girl but the environment she grew up in.
  4. P

    Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys dies at 47.

    Adam Yauch, a co-founder of Grammy-winning hip-hop giants the Beastie Boys, died Friday after a three-year battle with cancer, the band's publicists said. The 47-year-old, better known by his stage name MCA, died weeks after the pioneering white hip-hop act were inducted into the Rock and...
  5. T

    Adam Coe

    G'day Guys and Gals, I figure some people would be aware of the blog 70sbig.com, if you aren't give it a read. Focuses on heavy strength training and occasionally on impressive figures from the history of strength training. So far there hasn't been any submissions about Australians and I...
  6. P

    Adam Coe

    I spoke about Adam in another thread, I thought I'd mention him here. Adam is regarded as Australias best powerlifter ever. His record in the 100kg class was set 16 years ago and wont be broken. The advancements in suits and wraps is massive since he lifted. He used a narrow grip bench to...
  7. Shrek

    What is your name?

    Hi friends. Whilst we all have usernames to protect our identities I thought it would be great to share our real names. Do so only if you feel confortable in sharing you name. Some people feel more confortable talking to a real name rather than a nic-name. ;) Here is the...