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  1. Shrek

    3 only

    There was s discussion here ages ago about choosing one exercise only. Which one would you choose? Let’s do 3. 3 exercises only if you had to choose.
  2. M

    FS: 5 x 1kg Bulk Nutrients WPC (Salted Caramel)

    Hi. Haven't been doing the forum things for ages, but I have been lifting. Might even stick around this time. :D So, realised WPI is better for me, but I already ordered this lot of WPC. All sealed, kept in a cool place, bought very recently. Open to offers. Thanks guys. (I'm in Hobart, btw.)
  3. A

    Help weight loss peps

    Hi everyone, im not sure if this board is still active but looking for some help please.. As I'm looking to lean down and drop some fat...I have been a big guy for ages but over year and bit been pushing at it and working on it. but was wondering if anyone could suggest some peptides please to...
  4. A

    Do you foam roll regularly?

    do you do it daily? Weekly?
  5. F

    any gamers in the house? pc/xbox/ps

    what games do you play? got a favourite console? ( that ages old debate? ) best game you've ever player? I play LoL and various FPS on xbox. I loved the old school doom game scared the shit out of me when I was younger, conquered it years later as a grown man.
  6. A

    Ifbb pro steroid truth

  7. cunniff1981

    Oni 270kg deadlift!

    I saw Oni deadlift yesterday at the strengthquest that I was helping out at. I was very impressed to see him smash out a 270kg deadlift beltless at 75kg (give or take on the body weight). And before people complain oh but it would be one of those Deadlift bars and that adds 60kg to your lift, it...
  8. A


    so what preworkout are people using these days
  9. bradsky

    one on THE best videos I have seen in ages

    Kai explains things well, really wanna go train chest right now cgKVMIBKhHg
  10. B

    Quick Incline bench press question

    Hi All, Im just wondering what is the best angle to do incline bench press on? Thanks Michael